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In a video game, hitting someone who is mid-air with a projectile from a non hitscan weapon such as a rocket launcher, pipe bomb launcher, flare gun etc etc.
TF2 PYRO: I owned that soldier with a reflect crit rocket middy!

by Pessimistic Penguin December 31, 2009

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A Terran build order in the video game Starcraft, where two Barracks are built before the first Supply Depot, hence the acronym which stands for Barracks Barracks Supply. This is an all-in rush build order, and is thus usually utilised in a proxy location to enhance it's effectiveness by reducing the distance that the infantry need to travel to reach the enemy's base.
Flash beat EffOrt in an OSL game by BBSing.
by Pessimistic Penguin January 05, 2011

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