An alternative that does not necessarily have to fulfill the needs/wants of 2 parties but is at least satisfiable. Most commonly used to avoid agree to disagree
Girl: Hunny let's go get some friend chicken from Popeyes.
Boy: Bae we always get fried chicken, how about we try sumthin new. Let's grill some chicken on the grill we just bought.
Girl: But i want the Fried Chicken
Boy: I want the grilled chicked.
Girl: Fried
Boy: Grilled
Girl: Fried
Boy: Grilled
Child: You know KFC serves both right?
Girl: Wanna got to KFC?
Boy: I'd be happy to
Girl: I'm happy we found some middle ground , or else you would be sleeping on the sofa again.
Boy: Over some chicken
Girl: Yes over some chicken
by J Wonda May 17, 2009
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Something that makes you look stupid if you misuse and abuse it
Not all middle grounds are good,

Middle ground of bullshit and intellectual works is still bullshit
Middle ground of right and wrong is still wrong
by Sir. B August 29, 2021
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A place of your own where you can go to just hang out.
My middle ground. (someones house)
by -Duyn- March 8, 2005
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refers to the length of time we usually choose to cook something: an average of the range specified by a recipe. begs the question, why don't they just tell us to use the number in the middle in the first place?
How long did you put the food in for?
8 minutes. The box said 7 to 9 so I chose the microwave middle ground.

When are you gonna show up at the party?
It goes from 4 to midnight so I thought I'd go at 8, choose the microwave middle ground.
by jeannee August 6, 2010
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When two friends with different musical interests come together to find a genre or artist(s) that fit both of their tastes at the same time
Hey, you know how you love metal and I like VOCALOID? I found some good middle-ground music by this artist called Utsu-P!
by KazuKazu August 3, 2020
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The mistaken belief that the truth lies somewhere in between to opposing propositions.

Man "It's the women!"

Woman "It's the men!"

Sophist "Well... *Insert middle-ground fallacy*"

Hym "Wrong! I can prove it! By asking a simple question: What is the selection criteria? If it is 6ft tall (14.5%), Six figure salary (17%), 6 inch+ dick (16%) and we omit overlap and assume women are willing to settle for 1 out of the 3, we have only 47% of men who can meet the selection criteria. If THAT is what constitutes 'The best man available' (in the context of hypergamy) AND if we assume that Jordan is correct in saying that they should all just get married and start a family, What are the OTHER 53% of women supposed to do? For that to work, over HALF the women STILL have to CHANGE THEIR SELECTION CRITERIA. What then? How is that supposed to work? The women don't WANT to do it and are TOLD NOT TO BY PARENTS WHO WANT THEM TO HAVE THE BEST PARTNER AVAILABLE. The men who have overlapping qualities don't have to do it so their opinions are unlimited. And here we are...
What can men do about any of that? 'Try your best!'? 'Strife nobly into the dawn!'?Only 17% of the men CAN have jobs that pay 6 figures or more because THERE ARE A FINITE NUMBER OF JOBS THAT PAY THAT MUCH. What, do you expect them to increase the pay rate of a broader number of job to 6 figures? McDonald's cashier 100,000 a year. Then you can finally get a girlfriend. The other 2 are a roll of the dice. How is it at all men's fault? What is the selection criteria? Broadly? And that middle-ground fallacy applies to the schizophrenia thing too! It's not a matter of 'well, maybe it's a little of both'. At this point it's 'yeah, they're doing the thing they are doing and they have been doing it for years, and now I'm hyper-vigilant about it so I'm looking for it everywhere!' I don't claim to be right all of the time about it. And as a thought experiment I respond to things as though they were said to or about me. But that's not the same!"
by Hym Iam February 27, 2023
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Middle ground, common ground, compromise, negotiation, or any other way you want to say it, is one side getting the best of another. There are things you have to keep fighting for to keep the ground you have, there is no room for compromise.
by The Original Agahnim July 23, 2021
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