An assumed "food group" believed to regularly be consumed by black people.
Toho: "Damn nigga, I's be needin's some friend chicken nigga."
Yoho: "Nigga damn, that's why dems honkeys always be thinkins' we always eaten friend chicken and wata' melon b!tch!"
Toho: "sh!t. . . (pause) I know! Lets go get some Big Macs from McD's!"
Yoho: "Word B!tch, now dats how we do."
by duskins July 7, 2006
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A friend that always orders something with chicken in it when you go out and doesn't like trying anything new.
Jane: Did you go to that new Sushi bar last night?

Jan: No....I was with Fran; she's my chicken friend. We went to Applebee's.
by Lazy A May 28, 2009
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