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Has everything a man wishes of a woman:
1. Big breasts
2. Big ass
3. No brain
Jessica Simpson? That dumbass blonde?

I don't care, I'd still fuck her.
by Fuckitall June 01, 2006

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Complete confusion.
How can this word be racist when the people being segregated use it on a common basis? I don't get it.
Black person one: Sup nigger, what you doin?
Black person two: Sup nigger. I just beat this crackers ass for callin me a nigger.
Black person one: Word up nigger.
by fuckitall July 10, 2006

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Retards to "claim" a city which could give less a fuck about them.

Most of the time they are 30 year olds who haven't gone through puberty, still live with their parents, work in McDonalds for a living, and still believe they're the shit.

They usually require 5 or more people to beat one person up, because they're too much of pussies to fight by themselves.

A waist of space, and an insult to everything.
Person 1: Homie G gangsters just got capped for claimin' their home town.

Person 2: Who gives a shit? Less to worry about.
by Fuckitall June 01, 2006

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A sport that is highly criticized in the U.S. because we completely suck at it and our international team cant do shit right in the world cup.

Probably the greatest sport ever, which requires you to be in top notch shape, unlike another sport where it doesn't matter if you're fat as hell, you can still play.
The World Cup of soccer is the most watched event in the world, with over 1 billion people watching.
by Fuckitall June 29, 2006

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A creature who survives by feeding off other people's talent.

Besides the gay name, he is also master of taking a good song and converting to the worst thing your ears can hear.

Lives in the society called rap, where other talentless creatures reside.
we now see the puff daddy attempting to create a song of his own, a pathetic attempt nonetheless.
by fuckitall June 02, 2006

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The kids in high school who are considered the losers.
Ironically, those "losers" will be the bosses of the cool kids in high school, if those cool kids ever reach the same intelligence level as the once geeks(possibly not).
Call them what you want, geeks are the ones that will succeed in life, while the cool kid in high school that did drugs will do just that for the rest of his shitty life.
by fuckitall June 02, 2006

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The ultimate bandwagon team. Most of the time the fans don't know shit about the team, but like to wear their jerseys because it's black.
Raider Fan: Watch out dog! Raiders are going all the way now that they have Moss to pass the ball to Janikowski.

Me: You're a fucking idiot.
by Fuckitall June 30, 2006

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