A beautiful girl, that everyone loves! She's so athletic it's unbelievable! Mia is who everyone wants to be friends with! All the boys love her and wanna date her! Mia is so amazing yall should be jealous if you don't have a mia in your life!
by Heyheyheyheyheyhey2002 February 07, 2015
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Mia is the perfect girl. She is smart, the most beautiful girl in the world, and has a huge heart. She will always be there for you and will always give her two sense. Always be honest about how you feel with her , she's not one to judge .She is extremely cute in everything that she does. She has a lot of sass but you come to love that about her. If you have a Mia you should consider yourself the luckiest people on the earth. Her smile and eyes are amazing. She is literally an angel on earth but she is naughty at the same time.
I'm so lucky I have a Mia
by Namemeanings6 June 17, 2017
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Mia! Theirs alot about Mia that you'll love... She's funny, beautiful, smart, loves soccer, talented ect... If you meet Mia you will fall in love with her eyes, her smile, her laugh, her personality everything! You'll love everything about her!! Shes sooooo cool to hang out with at anytime of day!!! I just let Mia slip right through my hands!!!

(Mia) is Soo sexy
by it's just a name August 11, 2014
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She is the best person you could ever meet. She is fun loving, and has lots of friends. She is a major tom boy, but keeps her girly side with her friends. Super smart BFF and is never alone!!!!
BFF 1: Have you seen Mia?

BFF 2: She is surrounded by her other friends!
by Leslie_Gibby February 19, 2013
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The most beautiful girl you ever saw, and once you start looking you can't look away. She is so happy and gentle with a lot of crazy mixed in! She has green eyes that melt you and her body is bangin'! She will punch your lights out if she has to but with kindness like that no one does anything but smile at her. I love my Mia
Oh my Gosh! Mia looks amazing!
How does she do it?

You: Man! Your girl is smokin hot!! she got a sister?
Me: Nah man! She's the one and only, no one compares.
by ZacD July 03, 2013
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Originally M.I.A was used in war's when a soldier was "missing in action". However, nowadays it can also be used to say "I was away for a while"

There is also a song named M.I.A by Why Don't we Which is also a TOTAL bop...
Jack Avery from why don't we: "CAUSE I-I-I-I been MISSING OUT ON YOU"

Daniel Seavey from Why Don't We: Cause I-I-I-I been M.I.A on you"

"news reporter : there HAS REPORTDADLY A SOLDIER WHO IS NOW M.I.A"
by follow @Whydontwe2550 on insta September 29, 2017
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An amazing name,I you ever find a Mia you better keep her,girls with the name Mia usually have a great personality and perfect figure and eyes. Mia's will help you get though things thy might bring you down,so I you find a Mia treat her right.
You:I'd love to meet a Mia

Me:you should
by Princess_hollie July 24, 2014
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