Mia is an intelligent, blue-eyed girl with light brown hair. She is usually found at her desk with a pencil in hand, hidden away in her room, doodling away in her own world. Mia is very intelligent and absolutely adores Literature.

Mia has a small group of close friends and usually loves socialising with the people in her life! As an ambivert, Mia both enjoys alone time and hanging around others.
Mia's personality consists of loyalty, pride, imagination, originality, and a little hint of crazy! Mia is never afraid to be herself. But be careful, she can be a little snappy and feisty if you get on her bad side. Mia's goal is to create a legacy for herself and be remembered for all of her achievements.

If you have a Mia in your life, be sure to offer her an Oreo and remind her how much she means to you!
Friend: Oh hey Mia, wanna go for Macca's run?
Mia: Right after I finish these Double Stuf Oreos!
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by JinxTAD December 17, 2018
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Mia is a very funny girl. She is really cringy but don’t hold that against her! She gets mad easy so, be careful. She is so pretty but doesn’t really believe it. Insecure about her body. Give her a compliment, she may not accept it but it would make her day! Guys chase after her but she ignores it. She’s supportive, dirty, and the best friend you can have. She is so wild and crazy and fun!

But hey that’s what makes her Mia.
Guy1: Wow she’s cute!
Guy2:Her name is Mia.
Guy1:Yeah I can tell🤪😍
by Firee🔥 May 13, 2019
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Missing In Action, meanining when people are at a social gathering and one person that usually hangs with this crowd is not there either because he wasnt answering his phone or he has found a cooler crowd to hang with.
"dude where is johnny? i havent seen him in like a week."
"Yeah man he's M.I.A, no one has seen him in a while, he is never answering his phone and brenda said she saw him hanging out with these other people"
"thats so weird"
by David Guillot August 12, 2008
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A beautiful name for a beautiful person inside and out. One of the prettiest girl youll ever meet. Mia is an amazing girl and is always there for you. Your very lucky if you ever have a Mia in your life.
They dont get any more amazing then Mia.
by noreload123 February 07, 2011
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M.I.A( missing in action). Most people go m.i.a when there going through a lot or don't want to talk. M.I.A people will not answer there phone for days at a time. Some take time to reflect or think about what's hurting them or how they feel.
bailey went m.i.a have you heard from her?
by xxsad.badbitchxx January 10, 2020
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Mia is a hot girl that always protects her friends. If you ever meet a mia, you’re lucky! Never let her go.
Person 1: Mia is my friend!
Person 2: She’s mine!
by dictionary namer December 07, 2018
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A hot girl who makes all the boys drool. she has a smokin body. She’s got a booty and is great in bed...She is nice and kind to everyone. Her eyes will melt your heart. All the boys always compliment her but she doesn’t believe them, she’s a hot sexy girl that all the boys love, never let her go or break her heart.
by Lolcandycane December 22, 2017
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