A unique person. Also very nice and kind. Has a great singing voice. Very beautiful hair. Has a very funny sense of humor she will always make you laugh! Can be annoying at times but always makes up for it after! If you have a Mia in your life you are very lucky and should appreciate them! She is kinda shy in public but if you get to know her she is really nice and kind and you should stay by her. She will always make you feel better when you are down and never fail at it! She likes to tell herself she is hot. well, I don't know for a fact if she is but I'm sure if she isn't people will still view her as a gorgeous girl! Never leave a Mia.
by Rul&Mia July 28, 2017
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The kind of person that starts off seeming pretty weird, but after a while starts to really grow on you. She never seems interested in you though, and she likes guys a couple years older than herself. The popular new girl that gets everyone's attention and keeps it forever.
Wow... That new girl is such a Mia.
by The_Unknown_Name February 14, 2017
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Mia, she thinks she is not beautiful and yet she is gorgeous. She has a low self esteem and makes jokes about not being beautiful. But she will love you.
Mia is beautiful
by sui.frog May 30, 2018
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Mia (a modern name) used for amazing people with amazing techniques. This person, can either be beautiful or perfect. Mia is also named after the movie, Princes Diaries. Miq has outstanding drawing and can be very, unbelievably friendly to everyone. She is also very funny, and cam cheer up anyone that is sad or needs a smile.
Defined: Mia, can a;ways be a friend of yours. :)
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by Mimikat June 30, 2017
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A nice loving person with a glowing purple energy. Someone that can defy all the odds and someone that you can depend on, an is loyal. Mia has brown hair at the root and blonde at the tip. Mia likes to do anything she can to get things done. Mia knows the time when to joke and her jokes are priceless. You will never meet someone quite like Mia!
She is so nice, and doesn't think about herself before others. Must be a Mia!
by mm9019729 March 07, 2017
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