Missing in action
A fabulous girl who wishes she was chased after by certain guys. (Their names have to start with M) she is smart, focussed and true to herself
She was Mia. No explanation needed.
by Mindahouse May 9, 2015
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A girl that is unbelievably pretty with the most amazing personality and a perfect figure. She like to live on the edge, a daredevil. Mia’s are usually tomboys with a girly side. She will always be there for you and always have your back. A Mia are bad at relationships and have trouble keeping a man because they don’t trust people so easily. But if she trust you consider yourself one of the luckiest person on earth because she will give you everything she has. Mia’s are loyal and very active. They all have a bit of a wild side when it comes it. If you find a Mia your lucky so don’t let her go. Don’t her slip away.
Derek: Your dating Mia
Nathan: Yeah

Derek: Your so lucky she so hot with the coolest personality

Nathan: I know
Derek: I need myself a Mia
by 123Aleis June 24, 2018
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Has the laugh to make everyone smile, she can make you laugh anytime, an situation. She has beautiful eyes that yearn to be looked into and has the body of a lifetime. Has many inside jokes and cheers you up with her optimistic outlook.
Did you hear mia the big booty bitch laughing down the hall?
by Panicatthepancakehouse October 21, 2018
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She is amazing, gorgeous, funny, sweet, everything a guy could want in a girl. She is very very pretty but doesn't know her beauty inside and out. She will always be there for you. She is sassy sometimes but not always. And makes jokes not everyone will understand
Watch out here comes Mia
by gahahhshdxu23 April 6, 2017
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A hot girl who makes all the boys drool. she has a smokin body. She’s got a booty and is great in bed...She is nice and kind to everyone. Her eyes will melt your heart. All the boys always compliment her but she doesn’t believe them, she’s a hot sexy girl that all the boys love, never let her go or break her heart.
by Lolcandycane December 23, 2017
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The hottest chick on the planet. Almost alien-like because they are so naturally beautiful. Very independent and very hard to tie down. Naturally artistic and very honest girl. She will never be seen without looking totally gorgeous, in the raw or gussied up! They have gorgeous hearts and minds to match their stunning looks. If you meet a Mia you will forever be fascinated by her mysterious charisma. Mia is also mine in Italian. So, every man wants one.
That chick is a total Mia!!

I want her to be Mia!/ ( I want her to be mine!)
by hockeyloverz January 20, 2010
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Someone who doesn’t know how to stop talking.
by GeoffreyTheUnicorn October 28, 2019
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