If you are lucky enough to meet a Mia make sure you stay close with her. A Mia is the most beautiful girl ever and her eyes and hair are gorgeous. A Mia is usually very organised and neat. She will have the funniest sense of humour and always make you laugh. Mia’s are magical, somehow when your having the worst day they can put a smile on your face and make it a good day. A Mia gets along with everyone and is so smart. A Mia will always be there for you and will stand by you no matter what so always do the same to her. A Mia is the best person ever so stay close to her and be there for her.
Person1: WOW omg that’s a Mia she’s so pretty and just amazing at everything. Anyone to be friends with her should go buy a lottery ticket because they are sooooo lucky.
Charlotte: I know I don’t know how she is so amazing like she is the prettiest, smartest, kindest, most caring and most organised person I the entire world I am sooo lucky to be friends with her. ❤️😘😍📚👮 ♀️👩 🏫
by Police+teacher heart June 01, 2019
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If your name is Mia, you are the best human being in the world! There is no one nicer, prettier, smarter, and especially funny. There is ABSOLUTELY NO ON, funnier that Mia. And at least 35 boys have a crush on her.
she's super funny. her name must be mia
by iluvfood47520 November 20, 2019
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Maybe when u first meet a Mia she will look beautiful and stunning . Mias often fall in love really easy. Mias are sweet girls who are funny, smart, popular. Mias are selflessness and is a person you wont mind spending the rest of your life with. Also Mias are very laid back and chill .
Mia is so cool!!!
by MinnieMe23 November 19, 2016
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Mia's are the most amazing women in the world. They are absolutely beautiful. They take your breathe away and are most definitely spit fires. She is perfect inside and out despite all of her flaws because you just can't get enough of her. Without a Mia in your life, it will be hard to get by and found a balance to your good side. She is someone hard to not think and someone to not let go of because you will regret. All she needs is your love in any form and she will gladly give it back to you. You will love her entirely and wholely because she is one of a kind and absolutely perfect for you.
by XAngelicaLupeiX August 10, 2018
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The kindest person you will ever meet. Also the best friend and funniest person too. even if you're really down and need some cheering up. just talk to her and without a doubt you're going to be happy. you could not ask for such a cool person. if you know a mia, befriend them. you won't regret it and they'll be by your side for all of time.
guy 1: I met this great person. she's kind and funny.
guy 2: oh yeah. then its a mia.
guy 1: yeah.
by thenumberonechampion February 22, 2019
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Mia is an intelligent, blue-eyed girl with light brown hair. She is usually found at her desk with a pencil in hand, hidden away in her room, doodling away in her own world. Mia is very intelligent and absolutely adores Literature.

Mia has a small group of close friends and usually loves socialising with the people in her life! As an ambivert, Mia both enjoys alone time and hanging around others.
Mia's personality consists of loyalty, pride, imagination, originality, and a little hint of crazy! Mia is never afraid to be herself. But be careful, she can be a little snappy and feisty if you get on her bad side. Mia's goal is to create a legacy for herself and be remembered for all of her achievements.

If you have a Mia in your life, be sure to offer her an Oreo and remind her how much she means to you!
Friend: Oh hey Mia, wanna go for Macca's run?
Mia: Right after I finish these Double Stuf Oreos!
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by JinxTAD December 17, 2018
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