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Originally M.I.A was used in war's when a soldier was "missing in action". However, nowadays it can also be used to say "I was away for a while"

There is also a song named M.I.A by Why Don't we Which is also a TOTAL bop...
Jack Avery from why don't we: "CAUSE I-I-I-I been MISSING OUT ON YOU"

Daniel Seavey from Why Don't We: Cause I-I-I-I been M.I.A on you"

"news reporter : there HAS REPORTDADLY A SOLDIER WHO IS NOW M.I.A"
by follow @Whydontwe2550 on insta September 29, 2017
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Mia has amazing eyes and is beautiful. Mia is probably the most athletic and nicest person you would ever meet. She is really pretty and a great friend. Mia is great to have as your best friend. Secrets is a hard thing for her to keep as it is easy to get out of her but she will try to keep as long as she can. She is very loyal and will stick with you. Mia can be a very stubborn person but will push you into doing anything she does but she is also supportive. There is no way that you couldn't like Mia. She doesn't give you any reason not to be her friend. She will become like a part of you and your family. It would be so hard to survive a year without her. Mia is also the most awesome, funny, approachable, nice, and kind person you will ever meet. Mia is just perfect.
Who is that girl over there, she is so pretty and athletic. Oh, that's Mia.
by supsfg1967 September 17, 2014
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Mia is a sweet loving girl who everyone wants to be! She is the type of girl who is very pretty and has beautiful eyes and the one who everyone loves. Mia is very supportive about you no matter what she will always be there for you through thick and thin. Mia is a crazy girl but she is also funny even if your sad she would always put a smile on your face. Sometimes she can also be dirty minded but she is still the sweetest girl. If you ever have a Mia in your life your blessed because she is going to be the best friend you’ve ever had so don’t lose her.
Girl 1: omg mia is so pretty and so nice I wish I could be like her
Girl 2: me too like look at her she’s perfect like how is she so sweet
by Girl1120 July 05, 2018
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Acronym for "missing in action". When a person hasn't been seen in some period of time.
I’m so worried, John has been MIA for like three days now!
by Lalipop00 January 16, 2018
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Mia is the girl everyone wants in their life. She seems quiet and shy at first, but when she is with her friends, she is loud, energetic and super funny and very very cute! She has beautiful eyes and her hair is probably curly, she also has an amazing body and most likely is kind of short. Everyone is jealous of her beauty. She loves everyone around her and is kind to everyone, except for the people who get on her bad side, when you hurt a Mia, you will regret it, but she’s hard to anger. She is sassy and sarcastic in a funny endearing way. She feels and loves so intensely but sometimes people take her for granted. She is Also very talented and smart. She knows how to make anyone feel better if their sad, sometimes its amazing how just being with her will cheer you up. She is insecure and doesn’t see her own beauty, but everyone else does. I am so glad that Mia is my friend! Everyone loves Mia.
Everyone needs a Mia in their life
by Maemae02 September 23, 2018
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Mia is a wonderful person and she's beautiful . She has a beautiful personality. She's very funny and a bit crazy at times, but you will love her..She doesn't realize her real inner and outer beauty. But if you ever have a Mia of your own, take care of her you don't want her to go away. She will give you everything she has to make you happy.Mia is something special that you can't give away like a beautiful antic vase that is valuable and worth a lot. She means a lot to me and every one around her. So if you find a Mia don't let go
MIA: Hey you look shocking today

ME: Sure

Mia : No,I mean it your buetiful
by Shawn_Mendes February 28, 2018
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Stray Kids' song that you should stream :)

M.I.A - "Missing In Action"
"Have you heard M.I.A? It sounds amazing and has a deep meaning to it"
by eehhhfatsnook January 26, 2019
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