Mia. A kind, sweet, funny, and very relatable person. She is so beautiful on the inside and out even if she doesn’t think so. She’s the girl who will stick by your side whenever. The friend who waits for you while you tie your shoes as your other friends keep going. Mias are very special people, and you’re very lucky if you have one in your life. She’s a genuine friend and you would never want to lose a girl like her.
friend- i’m really sad :(
mia-don’t get down. i love you so much and you’re a great friend!! love ya!!
friend- ur the best :))
by jesusisbae1121 December 01, 2019
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Mia, she is a girl you will only meet once. She makes everyone laugh, but sometimes she is upset and needs someone in her life to make her feel happy. But other then that she always is joyful and makes everyone laugh with her comedian attatuide. Mia is very special, she is beautiful and pretty inside & out. If you ever meet a mia you are so lucky to have her in your life. Sometimes though she can be evil and cause lots of trouble every where're and may seem sweet and soft but can be every tough and scary.
Mia is special
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by It's me mia c November 12, 2017
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A Mia has big eyes, tries hard and loves chocolate. She enjoys reading, watching netflix and jumping on her trampoline. She sometimes struggles to be nice but tries her best. They usually have blue, green or gray eyes. Sometimes they get a mix or their eyes change colors. She loves chicken #ella and all kinds of meat.
“Omg!! You have chicken? you better give it to mia..”
“Did you know that mia is demanding that anyone with chocolate must go and give it to her?!”
by anonymous1234678 February 25, 2018
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She's a beautiful and the most caring person yet, she may eat things off the floor but it just her being her being unique she has your back any time of day no matter what she is there for you even in hard time she always makes everyone laugh and her amazing smile is just the greatest thing out there no one is like Mia if you find someone like her love her and cherish her. Be the best Friend/boyfriend she deserves. Her hug are just the best when I see her everyday I always see a smile that brings me to joy there’s nothing in this world I would trade for Mia nothing❤️.
If a Mia comes walking by be her friend for life it’s worth it I promise you!!!!!
by Mr Munchkinman November 26, 2018
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Shuffle dancing with weird tummy noises is how I would define Mia. Her perfectly timed Instagram stories with the banging tunes really get me through the day. However, does concern a me a little bit, considering we are in the middle of A levels - NO ONE HAS THAT MUCH TIME.
*in a psychology class*
Mia: djfnaidjtbjejfntj ok?
Gee: Are you ok? That wasn’t even English?
Mia: sorry my body just took over.
Sloane: it’s ok Daddy can pay for the good doctors to fix that
by DanSmith123 May 28, 2019
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A funny girl who never gives up. When she laughs everyone around laughs too. She is energetic. Mia has a crazy sense of style she doesn't care about people that judje her. As long as she likes it who cares. Mia is more of a salt personne. Mia will eat anything in her plate.
Mia laughed when she did a horrible throw and she laughed, she is so wierd
by lili donavan November 14, 2016
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Mia is a nice pretty girl and has brown hair and braces. She is always loosing things so everyone calls her M.I.A. which is short for Missing In Action.
Mia Loves dogs and is always loosing things.
by Laney cupcakes October 11, 2017
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