If you are lucky enough to meet a Mia make sure you stay close with her. A Mia is the most beautiful girl ever and her eyes and hair are gorgeous. A Mia is usually very organised and neat. She will have the funniest sense of humour and always make you laugh. Mia’s are magical, somehow when your having the worst day they can put a smile on your face and make it a good day. A Mia gets along with everyone and is so smart. A Mia will always be there for you and will stand by you no matter what so always do the same to her. A Mia is the best person ever so stay close to her and be there for her.
Person1: WOW omg that’s a Mia she’s so pretty and just amazing at everything. Anyone to be friends with her should go buy a lottery ticket because they are sooooo lucky.
Charlotte: I know I don’t know how she is so amazing like she is the prettiest, smartest, kindest, most caring and most organised person I the entire world I am sooo lucky to be friends with her. ❤️😘😍📚👮 ♀️👩 🏫
by Police+teacher heart June 1, 2019
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Shuffle dancing with weird tummy noises is how I would define Mia. Her perfectly timed Instagram stories with the banging tunes really get me through the day. However, does concern a me a little bit, considering we are in the middle of A levels - NO ONE HAS THAT MUCH TIME.
*in a psychology class*
Mia: djfnaidjtbjejfntj ok?
Gee: Are you ok? That wasn’t even English?
Mia: sorry my body just took over.
Sloane: it’s ok Daddy can pay for the good doctors to fix that
by DanSmith123 May 28, 2019
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Mia (a modern name) used for amazing people with amazing techniques. This person, can either be beautiful or perfect. Mia is also named after the movie, Princes Diaries. Miq has outstanding drawing and can be very, unbelievably friendly to everyone. She is also very funny, and cam cheer up anyone that is sad or needs a smile.
Defined: Mia, can a;ways be a friend of yours. :)
by Mimikat June 27, 2017
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Mia is a very funny girl. She is really cringy but don’t hold that against her! She gets mad easy so, be careful. She is so pretty but doesn’t really believe it. Insecure about her body. Give her a compliment, she may not accept it but it would make her day! Guys chase after her but she ignores it. She’s supportive, dirty, and the best friend you can have. She is so wild and crazy and fun!

But hey that’s what makes her Mia.
Guy1: Wow she’s cute!
Guy2:Her name is Mia.
Guy1:Yeah I can tell🤪😍
by Firee🔥 May 14, 2019
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Mia is a nice pretty girl and has brown hair and braces. She is always loosing things so everyone calls her M.I.A. which is short for Missing In Action.
Mia Loves dogs and is always loosing things.
by Laney cupcakes October 12, 2017
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Mia is a loving, caring, shy person. When you first meet she will be nice but shy. Once you get to know her you will realize her inner and outer beauty. Mia has the BEST one of a kind personality . Mia is a self conscious person and never accepts the beautiful girl she really is. Mia is clumsy but in a cute way. Mia is a loving person but has a difficult time maintaining relationships, but don’t let that bring you down because if you love her, she will love you 100 times more and will try her best to always make you happy. Mia has the cutest smile ever and whenever she smiles you will smile because you will realize her true beauty. Do not stare into her eyes because you will get lost in the most beautiful eyes ever. Overall Mia is the most amazing person EVER, and if you are ever friends with a Mia, do not do anything stupid to lose her because one day you are gonna NEED her in your life. If Mia is your girlfriend, you better never do anything stupid because she will make your life so much better and without her all you will see is darkness.
Guy: Damn who’s that hot girl standing over there
Me: That’s Mia, the best person ever!
by Nobody Knows 1321 October 24, 2019
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Despite a Mia's great sence of humor and beautiful personality, she can be very crazy at times. If you're in an argument with a Mia, she will not stop till she wins. She never wants to be proven wrong. Mia has hazel-brown eyes, and is a really talented singer. Mia always thinks hard before getting into a relationship, or if she wants to keep having one with another person. She's very picky with people and will always chose the friend that she knows will stay with her in the long run and be by her side. Mia is VERY smart and always daydreams about the future, wanting to become a doctor. You may think she's a goody-two-shoes, but she does mean well. However, not only does she look out for her grades, but her friends too.
Me: Dangit.. I got a 70 on my math test!

Mia: *glares* YOU GOT A, WHAT??

Me: *runs*
by AsHlEyaNdfReNs May 15, 2019
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