She is an insane, but funny girl who is loved by almost everyone. Is very clumsy, but in a cute way. Is bubbly and perky. She is definitely not a priss and is nice to everyone she meets. Is very shy and humble when you first meet her, but is secretly wild and outgoing when you meet her. She can be aggressive and violent if you pass her boundaries though!
by TheFabulousJester July 03, 2015
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The most amazing person you'll ever meet who everyone thinks is quiet and reserved but really is planning to kill you all
Hi Mia. You're quiet right?
Yeah but not really
by Cookeecocky November 21, 2014
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If you ever meet a mia in your life consider yourself blessed. She is a beautiful young lady who is very intelligent, funny, loving, and caring...You should consider getting a mia in your life and marrying her or you'll regret it..
Yo bro who's that girl? You don't know her?that's mia she's bad right?!!
by MysteriousGyal March 03, 2016
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She is a crazy girl. Makes jokes most people do not understand. She is veryyyy pretty and has nice eyes. You will be stunned when you meet a Mia.
Mia pretended to fly yesterday, Really? Doesn't surprise me
by Paigeeee May 04, 2008
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