A Mexicant is a person of Mexican descent who won’t work hard and is often seen goofing off and being lazy. Combination of Mexican and the contraction can’t.
Pedro is a Mexican because he works hard; whereas Jesus is a Mexicant because he can’t seem to do the work George gives him.
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006
Term used to describe a lazy incompetent hispanic worker.
Boss: I knew when I hired you that you couldn't cut the grass right!! You've proven to be nothing more than a mexicant! Why can't you be like the other mexi-cans?!?!
Mexi-Cant: ¡Tú asno estúpido! ¡Sabes que no hablo inglés! ¡No sé lo que está diciendo el infierno tú! ¡Guardar tus tres dólares por hora! ¡PARÉ!
Mexi-Cans:(off in distance pretending not to be listening) I told his broke ass to learn spanish.
by Andrrew July 31, 2006
Noun: A Mexican with a sub par work ethic.
Jesus attempted to cross into San Diego from Tijuana illegally but was promptly intercepted by Border Patrol. He will now be forever branded as a Mexicant
by CLlT September 17, 2015
an alcoholic beverage; usually comes in a can.
sometimes labeled Tecate.
I had a Mexicant with my carne asada for breakfast.
by no way i'm telling April 10, 2007
Part of a funny line from "Once Upon a Time in Mexico."
Are you a Mexi-can, or are you a Mexi-cant?
by Anonymous November 8, 2003
a Mexican who is unable to hop the fence at the border due to malnutrition or sprained ankles from long hours of mowing and playing soccer
Hernandez- ey meng ju seen juan lopez?
Armando- naw meng he was wit us in tijuana
Enrique- oh no meng he a mexicant he couldnt make it over!
Hernandez- Porque juan lopez!!! porque!?!?!?!
by Closet Azns April 12, 2008

to mexicate is to change something by means of introducing something mexican to it.
similar to Chinafy, Japanicate and Polanize. etc.
in sentence: "melissa totally mexicated my luau last night by bringing chips and salsa instead of puoy(?)"
by A.R.T. August 9, 2005