City of Baja California,Mex., across border tecate, CA. , aprox. 100000 hab. , where TECATE beer it's brewed.
El mejor pan dulce es de tecate...
by 666999 June 9, 2006
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an amateur baseball league (or beer league) in which a significant majority of the participants are of Mexican descent. derives its name from a popular brand of Mexican beer.
tecate leagues are quite common throughout California and the American Southwest.
by King Ahid July 16, 2004
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A quasi-legal drinking game with simple rules. 1 minute of time is allotted for the two Tecate Boxers (referred to herein as the contestants) to shotgun a can of Tecate. 5 minutes of time are then allotted for a round of bare knuckle boxing. These six minutes constitute one round. The contestants play ten rounds for a match of Tecate Boxing, totaling one hour and ten beers consumed. Weapons are not only allowed but encouraged. There are no other rules. There are no winners in Tecate Boxing, only losers, unless you have clearly defeated your opponent, in which case you are the winner of Tecate Boxing.
Guy 1: Let us play Tecate Boxing this eve.
Guy 2: Agreed. I am going to belt you until you can no longer see.
Guy 1: K. I will go and retrieve the icy cool beverages.
Guy 2: Fuck you, you muppet.
by Soups McGee October 15, 2012
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A drinking game, take a Tecate, shake it up, poke holes in it just like a shotgun, pop the tab and spray and chug.
Andrew: Let's play Tecate Bukkake!
*Eric shakes up can and pokes hole*
*Sprays all over girls in teeshirts who try to drink the mexican glory*
by Tecatsey August 11, 2010
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When college students gather in their dorm on a Tuesday night to eat a lot of cheap tacos and drink a lot of Tecate. Taco Tecate Tuesday makes Tuesday one of the best days of the week, if not the best. Anything that starts with the letter T can/may be included into this night (togas, tequila, THC, etc.).
1) - Hey are you coming to eat tacos and drink Tecates tonight?

- I don't know, I have a lot of homework

- But it's Taco Tecate Tuesday!

- You're right! Count me in!

2) - Excuse me sir, do you know what day it is?

-I believe it's Tuesday

- No, it's Taco Tecate Tuesday!
by craw daddy April 19, 2010
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