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Konglish What someone has said. 멘트

In Kpop events (particularly concerts), a ment is time allocated to allow the stars on stage speak to fans and, for example, introduce themselves or close the concert.
Did you hear RM's ending ment at the Citifield concert? It was so touching. He talked about learning to love ourselves little by little, throughout our lives.
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by CypherPt5 October 09, 2018
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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Ment is basically 'Mental' only shorter, It means to be stupid or act stupid or to see someone acting retarded or "Ment". Ment just basically means you're effing retarded.
" Sami, Are you ment? "

" Those shoes are totally ment. "

by Live4Jesus September 22, 2011
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adj. menter, mentest: The condition of being deliberately awkward, stubborn and/or unco-operative/inflexible at an inappropriate time, often governed by mood. Can also be applied to non-living objects such as computers.
Origins - possibly comes from "mean" but there's rumour that "ment" was a seventeenth century dialect word meaning "foul smelling"
A person who is difficult and unco-operative is "ment". A jobsworth is particularly ment, and so is a computer when it decides to crash right at the worst time. Even the weather can be ment: for example it rains when you plan to take the family to the seaside on your day off work.

example: "Hurry up you ment putter!"
by DanEvans April 05, 2010
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An armenian term used to define the cock sucking sons of bitches that we know as police officers.
by Shef February 04, 2005
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a term to describe when things are generally shitty/crap or just ment
to describe a bad hangover.
i feel ment.
Thats ment.
by Mentious October 01, 2009
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To describe something or someone that is a special kind of absolutely retarded
The whole men’s tennis team was completely ment.
by Guacamole-Nigga-Penis November 13, 2019
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