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Korean and English mixed together.
Korean with English grammar.
I am the Keun-est sister. (Keun meaning big.)
by Daniel012 May 05, 2005
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Korean + English pretty much. It's korean words mixed into english by maybe adding -ed to a korean verb to make it a past tense word, or something like that. Many korean jokes can be made this way. FOBs usually speak like that to banana korean people.
I "bap mugued" (I ate rice)
You're a "babo" (You're an idiot)
Korny Konglish joke: What did the horny mushroom say to his girlfriend? Buhsut (fyi thats mushroom in korean)
by The Mr Needles Experience September 24, 2006
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English words that Korean people use in a manner that is not correct English. Usually this is by combining two words or modifying words incorrectly.
Konglish examples:
How about playing some "pocketball" (pool) after work?
We shouldn't turn on the "aircon" (air conditioner) until July.
Who is your favorite "gagman"? (comedian)
by soju555222 September 23, 2009
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The Korean version of Japanese Engrish. Essentially, how certain English phrases get translated into Korean:
digital -> digtaur
camera -> kamera
cellphone ->handapone
"I sorry. I can only speak in the Konglish."
by Jon March 02, 2004
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A Korean or a Korean American's speech pattern that they learned in a foreign country, like Korea,
the speech pattern usually can be noticed from the poor pronounciation of R and L and sometimes horrible attempts to speak using improper grammar.
Testing using "word" and "world" can determine if the speech pattern is Konglish or if the person had some crack or other drugs
A: Your cousin can't speak English for shit man

B: Yeah, he's a fob but he's learning so try to encourge him

Cousin: In the word there are many languages using different words
by Phsyco Korean Guy November 08, 2004
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