Short for Menage a Trois. Which is french for a threesome
"But now that Ma$e is back, I think I'd much rather find a menage"
by Klemonski November 12, 2004
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You know even a rapper with a big dick like that guy Yung Hung still has to pay for the shit every other guy...has to pay for. Fantasize about it or do it, if you're broke you ain't doin much if you're a dude, that's no fun is it?
Yung Hung Millionaire had a menage today, that must not have been a bad day.
by Solid Mantis March 25, 2018
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"get a couple chicks, get 'em to try and do E, hopefully they'll menage before I reach my garage"
by Kennet September 29, 2007
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a word that fat joe jus randomly put in his verse on NEW YORK
now that mase is back i think i much rather find a menage
by J-NIGZ October 25, 2004
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Scottish slang: A particularly straightforward savings club usually operated by friends or work colleagues.
She couldnae run a menage
by Jazzy Spazzi December 21, 2004
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a prettier word for a woman's clevage than 'clevage'
your menage looks fabulous in that new shirt.
by lovelygal February 3, 2009
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The act of partaking in vigorous sexual acts or coitus between that self-promoting psuedo-billionaire Donald Trump and two other persons (usually someone like one of the Bush twin daughters and myself).

Can also involve his wife Ivana, his bird looking daughter Ivanka etc etc etc.

Note: Due to therapy to combat his balding head, The Donald is impotent and would most likely be the one penetrated or do the penetrating with a 12 inch black latex strap-on.
Kwame: "What did you get up to this weekend?"
Douglas Hardy: "I fucked Donald Trump while his stork-looking daughter Ivanka fucked me with a strap-on."
Kwame: "That be called a menage-a-Trump. Been there - done that. The Donald and myself both nailed Omarosa during the 1st season of The Apprentice."
Douglas Hardy: "menage-a-Trump city!!!"
*Douglas Hardy and Kwame proceed to High Five each other*
by poja August 12, 2004
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