It was only supposed to be a quick pint, but it turned into a menage artois...
by mixmage May 24, 2007
French term which originally described a domestic arrangement in which three people having sexual relations occupy the same household – the phrase literally translates as "household of three".1 In contemporary usage, the meaning of the term has been extended to mean any living relationship between three people, whether or not sex is involved, but because it has also been extended to refer to the actual sexual act between three people, otherwise known as a threesome, the term retains its suggestive quality.
by Katelyn6997 July 11, 2011
chat activity involving three people. no more. no less. 3 women. 3 men. 2 women 1 man. 2 men 1 woman. whatever the grouping - all must engage in chat activity with one another for the activity to be a 'menage a chat'.

This can be done via SMS, instant messenging clients, facebook, or other social media platform.
Lisa said it was fun having a 'menage a chat' with Rich and Trisha when planning Lovely Lorraine Lush's Birthday Party. Similar to Menage a Tweet but not specifically tied to twitter.
by metricsman December 14, 2011
While having sex with your partner, your dog tries to join in (ie. Humping your leg, licking your's or your partner's ass, genital area, etc.)
Jack: "Why did you stop?"

Jill: "Ewww! Damn! Spike just started licking my toe

Jack: "Get off the bed Spike...We aren't interested in a Menage A Dog..."
by FunnyFatMan January 3, 2014
When I get lucky with all three of the girls.
Grate, Hidebound, Absolut and Cyner all woke up blissfully sore after an all night menage a quad. And several occurences of dropping a fish.
by Grate60 September 28, 2010
n : household for three; an arrangement where a married couple and a lover of one of them live together while sharing sexual relations
" i heard that the married couple next door are having menage a trois!"
by Sophie cat July 17, 2006
Sexual intercourse or activity involving three people.

Pronounced: Me-na-je t-wa
"3 people in a menage tois"
by Anonymous2616 August 9, 2006