signed by puffy's bad boy back in the early 90's. he came out with the albums Harlem World and Double Up. he had visions of leading people into hell, so he left the rap game and became a preist. after 5 yrs, hes back.
ma$e is a rapper turned priest turned rapper
by j-unit January 14, 2005
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king of harlem.left rap to become a preacher but came back to save rap again when he was needed.
welcome, welcome, welcome bk ma$e
ma$e is back
king of harlem aint nobody make him leave
by J May 4, 2005
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decent music.. you'll know if you see him dance
by snoopid September 14, 2004
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Bad Boy rapping reject, friends with Big and Puff had some hits back in the day then left he's boyz in Harlem as he ran away scared to Atlanta to become a preacher. Run out of money so had to come back to the devil (what he called rap). No-one bought his album.
"Everybody welcoming this and welcoming that, he wasn't wanted in the first place why we welcome him back" - Killa Cam
by jiggaman May 6, 2005
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Protoge` of Sen Coombs AKA Puff Daddy, AKA P. Diddy...

Ma$e "raps" - I put that term loosely, what he actualy does is mumbles over the top of someone else's music.
Listen to Mo' Money, Mo' Problems
--- Thanks heavens for lyrics sheets... Thank heavens for Slayer
by luke-the-luke February 14, 2005
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