Ivana is a common name in Russia and Serbia. Most girls that go by the said name are beautiful, smart and sexy. She’s a combination of sensitive and savage, have a smart mouth but get upset when she doesn’t get the amount of attention she desire. Ivana is a very cute girl who is very forgiving and will love you no matter what. She can be very shy, cute, down to earth and fun to be around but she can also be wild, weird, loud and outgoing when you befriend them. Ivana catch people’s eyes very fast because they have a confiden walk and with her personality.

She doesn’t talk about herself at all but rather she listens to other people. Ivana gets sad very easily but she hides it very well. She’s very fragile but tries to stand her ground. Smiles all the time, she’s not fake. She’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. You have to try it with her to know her whole.
“Look at her go, she’s so elegant. Her name is Ivana.”

“Ivana is soo sweet!”
by ppoiisonivy January 11, 2018
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ivana is a good friend, she has a good sense of humor and charisma!
She is easy to love because she is a lovely and a good person. Ivana never gives another chance, so be careful not to hurt her. When you get to know her, you will realize how lucky you are to have her. Ivana is beautiful and sexy, maybe she is an angel in person,but in bed she is definitely a devil!
I love Ivana so much,she's such a good person!
She's great in bed,her name must be Ivana!
by DuhKasper January 9, 2018
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Ivana is the greatest girl on earth. She pushes you to your limits but it's for a good cause. she has the best advice and also very funny. When she likes someone she goes all out so they don't hate her. She has beautiful eyes and worries over everything. You would be lucky to have an Ivana in your life.
boy 1: Dude Ivana is single?!?!
Boy 2: go ask her out!!!
Boy 1: your right I will
by cupcakes49er November 26, 2018
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Ivana. She is one of the best friend to ever have. She is always there for you and cares for you.
by Tenor.Mp4 March 31, 2021
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A girl who is always there to help you, no matter if you need help academically or emotionally. She is extremely pretty although she does not see it, and has the kindest smile. She is always fun to be around, and will always be a good friend. She values her friends and school and enjoys such things as the 80s period, Disney, dark academia, London, France, Snoopy etc. She is often found being ‘sunburnt’ or falling for a boy by the name of ‘Louis Partridge’. Her morals and values often come first, which shows she is determined to stay true to herself.
Wow, she's such an Ivana
OMG! Is that Ivana?!
by littlecow23 February 16, 2021
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Ivana is a girl usually from Croatia or Serbia. She smiles a lot and likes to play sports. She is very attractive , good in bed and will be goofy around you. She has an amazing body and will be sweety and loyal towards you. But don’t forget she is lowkey freak who will definitely please you. Her favourite sport is probably soccer and she is definitely foreign. She will be sweet to you and have the cutest smile. She will be your lover and go on many adventures with you.
“Ivana” get your cute self over here

Let’s go eat čevape “Ivana”
by Rainaswelkerdom February 8, 2019
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