When two or more friends have the exact same thoughts at the exact same time.
last night i was chatting to this new girl and she share so many of my life ideas, its like our minds totally meld.
by greenskill August 1, 2014
When two objects merge together creating one super-object.
The three pancakes melded together while being cooked, creating a trifectum of breakfast deliciousness.
by The_Truth_Man February 18, 2009
i. To Announce
ii. A combination of meld and weld, meaning to join together.
"i just couldn't get them to meld"
by coolmoejay May 4, 2006
Melded (n.) - A complete fuck-up of life. A lack of common sense combined with regretable decisions familiar mostly to the state of drunkeness while being stoned.

Melded (v.) - To do something so retarded that afterwards there is no answer to questions such as "Why the hell would you do that" and "How did you manage that one".
"Oh you really melded that one up"

"This whole day is really melded"
by Ghig April 28, 2007
When you hang out with someone too long, you start to think like them.

(also used in south park season 1 or 2 by mr. mackey)
A:these beers arnt cold, lets put em out in the snow..
B:better yet lets go out side and...
A: ...build snow chairs and drink out side?
B: holy shit! mind meld!
by EmppY September 22, 2008
The feeling as if your living environment has been welding and shaping your personality a certain way so that you can perform a certain task without flaws or problems.
A webtoon called 'It's Mine' perfectly depicts how our protagonist, Yohan Do, gets cingulate molded into a psychopathic stalker by his father since childhood. A perfect depiction of cingulate melding.
by SaikoRyder December 13, 2021