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Megging verb ( from megalodon shark)
Sexual act generally used as a part of foreplay in which one partner gets a mouth full of flesh generally a boob or ass and then bites with force and shakes like a chew toy or shark playing with the meat
Bonus points if this occurs during the MEG.
That megging last night was so much fun.
by SneakyFucknugget July 09, 2019
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Leggings for men. They have become increasingly popular in the fashion world and on the streets of major cities. Apparently.
-"What the fuck is that guy wearing?!"
-"Meggings. My boyfriend just bought some."
*collective shudder*
by MommaElla September 12, 2009
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Another form of saying "Fucking" or "Messing around"
Alex: "I'm gay"
Michael: "Alex, what are you saying?"
Alwx: "I don't know I'm just megging with you."
by mf486264 March 22, 2009
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To look off into the distance with a mixed and confusing look on your face. Wrinkle your brow, gape open your mouth and shake your head as you look longingly into the distance...

The look of confusion or dismay.

A mixed emotion facial expression.
I told her to hurry up and get it done but after I explained the process she just stood there megging. I had no idea what to say.
by dreadthedays June 10, 2013
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the telling of false statements; untruthfulness; untrue; lying.
She told me she was born in ireland and she had an older brother, she was obviously megging.
by jonathan clarke November 01, 2011
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