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The stretched out asshole after being fucked in the ass. A result of dukeing it.
After I tore her ass up, she had a huge gape.
by C-Dog March 16, 2003
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to relax - via sexual intercourse, the use of a dildo, fist, or other object - an anus to the point where it will remain open, at least for a short while, when the penis or dildo is removed. This is a desirable goal in certain kinds of fetishist anal play, e.g. the open anus is considered visually exciting, or it can be urinated in, used during scat play, etc. Sometimes "medical" devices, such as a speculum, are used to keep the anus open for similar purposes.
Next time you want a milk shake, go ask your wife to open up a gape hole! :)
by THEREALLEEK June 13, 2018
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the diameter of someone's fully stretched asshole.
Guy 1: What's your gape bruh?
Guy 2: 4.5 inches.
Guy 1: Dang bruh!
Guy 2: Yeah man, I had my boyfriend stretch me out last night.
by Goatmaster Sanchez December 27, 2015
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A term usually associated with one's overly dilited anus.
Prisoner 1: Yo my nig, why that guy walkin' like dat?
Prisoner 2: SHHHH! He got a gape from all da ass slammin' he be gettin'. Yadda mean?
by Cockroids June 26, 2016
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