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The stretched out asshole after being fucked in the ass. A result of dukeing it.
After I tore her ass up, she had a huge gape.
by C-Dog March 16, 2003
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the diameter of someone's fully stretched asshole.
Guy 1: What's your gape bruh?
Guy 2: 4.5 inches.
Guy 1: Dang bruh!
Guy 2: Yeah man, I had my boyfriend stretch me out last night.
by Goatmaster Sanchez December 27, 2015
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A term usually associated with one's overly dilited anus.
Prisoner 1: Yo my nig, why that guy walkin' like dat?
Prisoner 2: SHHHH! He got a gape from all da ass slammin' he be gettin'. Yadda mean?
by Cockroids June 26, 2016
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