-whats up?
-what are you doing?
what are you saying tonight?
by Jason Lau from the Gap July 15, 2003
when an asshole fucks around, you give him the what the fuck are you saying line
(asshole fucks around)

sick guyyy: what are you saying asshole

(asshole continues to fuck around)

sick guyyy 2:seriously what the fuck are you sayingg guyy
by jarridgillchrist May 31, 2011
An annoying question asked before you actually say anything, which is often ignored. A common failed pick-up line.
by Sam McGee August 12, 2006
An expressions confusedable quote from my asian cousin...
My Japanese cousin: My girl looking fine, she's dark-skin hispanic tho

Me: Yeah but my boyfriend looking sexy, he has blue half green eyes and you know, he has blonde curly long hair tho but you know that, he wants to smoke but he really listening to 80s rock, but he's hot

My Japanese cousin: What did you say girl?
by LilSammie November 5, 2020
It’s a stupid joke used by middle school boys who think they’re funny and it literally means “I know you’re gay”. Usually people reply with “I said it’s gay” to say “I’m not gay” but people also get confused about it and don’t know it means gay.
JERRY: What did you say about Minecraft?!!
NATHAN: I said it’s gay.
JERRY: Ok your cool.

JERRY: What did you say about Minecraft?!?
EMMA: What?
JERRY: That’s What I thought.

OWEN: Knock knock.
JERRY: Who’s there.
OWEN: Jerry.
JERRY: Jerry who?
OWEN: Exactly my point.
JERRY: What did you say about Minecraft?!?
OWEN: I said it’s gay.
by pseudonyms don’t confine me October 13, 2018
"My brother played that game you suggested, Jagged Alliance 2, and it was really buggy."
"What you say? It's not buggy!"
by Kenthar April 30, 2004