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Meer is a Muslim name of a baby that’s not afraid of his challenges, always up to make the world a better place , energetic, never gives up , a leadership, lovely and loyal to his love of his life , always looking for new adventures.
Wow I wish I was active as meer is everyday
by Gods power September 26, 2018
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(noun) A person who sits on the front porch and intimidates, says negative things, or otherwise makes things unpleasant for those nearby.
The boys walked past the house of old man Thompson, the neighborhood porch dick, who always assumed they were up to no good.
by bigweaseldaddy March 08, 2015
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A politician who has zero followers on Twitter and no website.
Warren spent $4 million on attack ad’s but then realized his opponent was a Meer.
by Paper Mills Nation February 09, 2020
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Noun- Homeless drug abuser who still finds a way to bone fly women.

Verb- To do heroin, specifically china white.

Adjective- Dopey/ by way of dope.
Noun- Man, that guy in the back alley with the heroin kit boning that hot girl is a professional meers.

Verb- Lets go to Mexico, and meers with this china white heroin!

Adjective- That meers child has a syringe in his hand to meers.

by Dan Cresse August 11, 2007
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The type of drunk that just sits their and when he wants to talk to someone he yells their name. when they say what he says "Meer!" meaning he wants you to come here


... MEER!
by KoDuu November 04, 2009
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How some Michiganders pronounce the word mirror
“Hey are you almost done? I’ve gotta take a shit.” “Yeah I’m almost finished, just gotta take one more quick look in the meer
by BearEncounter September 22, 2018
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1. (interj) - A sound in the normal vocalization range of any felis catus, (domestic housecat), generally used to gain the attention of their human food providers. Widely popularized in the online comic strip "Two Lumps".

Compare to meow.

2. (inter) - A statement of bored disinterest.

Compare to meh

3. (inter) - An exclamation of lethargic sadness.
"Look, if you want some sushi, just go meer at her like a normal cat"
by Casa de los gatos September 23, 2009
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