My short definition for "meef" is this:

"It means funky. In a bad way. Like grandpa's laundry hamper."

This is a word that comes from the German word "mief", which means "an oppressive atmosphere, foul odour, pong, or stink". A German synonym for meef is "gestank". (Does that matter? Perhaps not, but I do think it's a hella funny word.)

I first heard "meef" used by my geek friends from Alberta around 1999. It successfully took root in East Vancouver after a great migration of programmers, DJs, and live P/A geeks to East Van in the late 1990s. In my experience it is normally used as an expletive ("Aaaah! Meef!"), a noun, or an adjective.
"That guy didn't show with the needles, so you'll have to use my old ones. I know, man. It's a meef."

"This beer is tasting kinda old and meefy. Can I grab a fresh one from the fridge?"

"I don't want to go tonight. I just know that Meefopolis is going to show up."
by Thex June 27, 2005
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#1: Did you get anything from that girl last night?

#2: She made me meef so hard bro, it was indescribable.
by Jordache206 October 04, 2009
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Meef is a word that means whatever it needs to mean to fit the context of the situation. Though often used to replace swear words, it can take on a variety of meanings defined by the context.
This website is sweet meef. That girl looks meef. My car got meefed up.
by Meef J August 04, 2005
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1. A word to say when you have nothing else to say.

2. Used when watching a sporting event and the other team just barely wins.

3. Skank, Bitch or Whore. Used esp. with describing dates.
1. Mike: Who're you going to vote for?
Spencer: Uh, meef.

2. John: Yes! They're going to win! What? no, that wasn't a foul! Meef! HTF did they make that? Meef again! Shit, we lost!

3. Mike: How'd the date go?
John: Not too good. She's a goddamn meef.
by Crowles-Bowles July 10, 2008
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a meef is a queef that has a more meaty sound than a regular queef. The meaty sound is generally caused by a reverberation of abnormaly large vaginal flaps, looseness of the vaginal region or even a wet queef.

note: a meef may also have a more defined meaty smell when compared to a queef.
example a)
woman - *meef*
man - "aw gross shut your legs i can smell your meat from over here!"

example b)
man 1 - "you done it in the shower yet?"
man 2 - "yeh man but it was gross cause she kept meefing on me"
man 1 - "yeh i knew she would, that chick gets around"
by wkd-11 March 01, 2010
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