not as ghetto as scumerville, not as chinese as malden, not yuppie like will probably fuck you up; girls are nuts.
"just got jumped by those medford kids for bein a fuckin herb"
by rca12 January 23, 2009
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A petite, balding homosexual that should never be exposed to large amounts of grain alcohol.
Don't let that Medford drink any vodka, he will stab the dining table with a knife.
by coocoocanonball March 08, 2010
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A shitty, dreary, redneck town in Southern Oregon, where evreyones parents are meth addicts. It is also very racist and all the inbreds drive old crappy pickup trucks. A very bad place to live if you are from Southern California
Californian 1: Dude, my parents are moving us to Medford.

Californian 2: Oh man that sucks, theres a lot of tweakers there.
by valenciakid January 28, 2011
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Medford: <noun> Med-ferd: A pack of beer, usually a six pack, that is two beers short. See also Pulling a Medford
"We asked each guy to bring a six pack to the NCAA Tournament Championship party, but Johnny only showed up with a Medford."
by ryank1224 April 06, 2010
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A small town (around 4,326 people) located in North-Central Wisconsin. A beautiful, scenic town, with no major highways, malls, or forms of entertainment other than a single movie theatre and bowling alley. Home of the Tombstone pizza and Weathershield windows. A place where getting stuck behind an amish horse and buggy on your way to the local County Market is a common occurrence. A city that greatly attributes to Wisconsin's title of #1 binge drinking state in the country. A place where bars outnumber churches almost 2 to 1. A pleasant little city where you can go on vacation and leave on probation.
Person 1: (on phone) "Hey, can you come bail me out?"

Person 2: "What?! What happened?"

Person 1: "I went to Medford."
by Medfordite August 14, 2011
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Part of Long Island made up of drug dealers, murderers, gangs, hate crime victims, and medal of honor recipiants. Some decent parts but has its ghetto areas such as Gordon Heights, The Pines, and Eagle Estates.
Medford, NY = the shithole of Long Island.
by Jerome Siscoo March 31, 2009
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City on long island, not one of its best areas. Made up mostly of tough white kids and ghetto black kids. Weekend nights consist of driving the streets drunk either looking for or avoiding trouble.
Medford NY: Not the friendliest place in the world..
by JohnnyDoe23 April 02, 2009
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