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A small town (around 4,326 people) located in North-Central Wisconsin. A beautiful, scenic town, with no major highways, malls, or forms of entertainment other than a single movie theatre and bowling alley. Home of the Tombstone pizza and Weathershield windows. A place where getting stuck behind an amish horse and buggy on your way to the local County Market is a common occurrence. A city that greatly attributes to Wisconsin's title of #1 binge drinking state in the country. A place where bars outnumber churches almost 2 to 1. A pleasant little city where you can go on vacation and leave on probation.
Person 1: (on phone) "Hey, can you come bail me out?"

Person 2: "What?! What happened?"

Person 1: "I went to Medford."
by Medfordite August 14, 2011

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