City on long island, not one of its best areas. Made up mostly of tough white kids and ghetto black kids. Weekend nights consist of driving the streets drunk either looking for or avoiding trouble.
Medford NY: Not the friendliest place in the world..
by JohnnyDoe23 April 02, 2009
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A place full of 14 year old hoes and white boys who think they're in the mafia
"Yo those Medford kids are pussy af"
by Mohamed Belatreche August 19, 2016
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A small town in New Jersey where everyone is a scene kid. Everyone is rich and cares nothing of the poor. Everyone wears Hollister and Abercrombie just to show that they have a unique "style", but really, everyone is the same. Underage drinking and smoking is a must if you live in Medford. Emo and rap are the main music of this town. There are only a few "outcasts" who really do know how to keep it real.
Kid1: I bet you 5 dollars shes from Medford.
Kid2: No doubt, just look at those tight Abercrombie pants and see-through Hollister shirt.
by suck-it? December 23, 2005
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a small ass town in sounthern minnesota full of hicks & white girls who think they’re hot.
the football team hasn’t one a game in like 5 years and no ones surprised anymore (but people still cheer them on???)
the education system also sucks and thought that ipads would increase learning & improve test scores?
Person 1: damn you’re stupid.
Person 2: sorry, i went to medford.
by i.sadly.went.here January 14, 2018
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A wasteland dead smack in the center of New Jersey. Filled with mostly rich, stuck up, drug addicts, who's parents gloat about their "honer student." A town that really makes you think "I'd rather be in Afghanistan then spend my days in Medford." At least you'll get a good tan and escape the humidity. Nothing to do in the Winter but shovel yourself out of last nights blizzard, nothing to do in the Fall but rake your leaves, nothing to do in the Spring but watch the weeds grow, but theres one thing about Summer in Medford everyone loves: Packing for vacation to get away from your nosy ass neighbor spending the next 2 weeks in Florida, California, or Hawaii. Only to soon realize that its time to go back. I suggest taking a minimum of 3 depressant pills. If your really rich, you spend your entire summer down at New Jersey's beaches. Still to close for comfort if you ask me. Please, if your moving to Medford turn back now because your better off.
I wouldn't be caught dead in Medford

Your so confused, your all the way in Medford

Thats in the middle of bum fucked Medford
by That person in your class March 08, 2011
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A town located in north central Wisconsin. Native species include hosers and knobs. Generally not a very useful town, though it has been the site of many enjoyable times. Though it does, in fact, have a pretty decent public school system, it is frequently joked about as producing unintelligent people. This is due to the fact that the majority of the populace is not very bright.
"Wow, he must have been educated in Medford."
by Smith (you know) September 11, 2005
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