A region in Oregon with cities and beautiful landscape such as Roseburg, Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland, and Klamath Falls
Southern Oregon is the most gorgeous part of Oregon that I've ever been to
by Sumdumho September 19, 2014
a move used to bring about the end of an overly long sex session.
Guy: Yo my girl wouldn't get off my dick last night. After two hours I had to pull a Southern Oregon Flashflood!

Dude: fucked up your bed didn't you?

Guy: When she got up... GOOSH! all over the place
by andrezen October 26, 2007
Located in Ashland, Oregon. Thought of as a liberal arts school, the faculty provide a well rounded education. Sports teams use the name Raiders with a logo of a red tailed hawk.
I go to Southern Oregon University.
by littledude November 2, 2004
Smoked Out University is its second name. It is a school in Ashland Oregon that gives a decent education and calls itself a liberal arts school
"Im thinking about going to SOU!"
"Southern Oregon University? You are just going to smoke a bunch and take some crazy classes"
by Epitath December 13, 2009