a guy who is obsessed with sluts and prostitutes and is all he thinks about.
damn shaniqwa you got herpes from that damn meatlover i told you to watch out for those guys.
by click April 02, 2005
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Worse then pepperoni nipples they resemble pepperoni, sausage AND canadian bacon!!!
Did you see Nick with his shirt off??? That motherfucker had meatlover nipples!!!!!!!!
by Nate T March 29, 2008
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An awful pizza with an even worse atmosphere for Italian cuisine. Also a sexual term that means bukkake.
1. I had Meatlovers at the BAHN the other day and I almost threw up because it was so disgusting. The onions weren't even cooked!
2. It was horrible! They cornered me and gave the Meatlovers at the BAHN!
by Zander S August 22, 2008
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