2 definitions by Zander S

An awful pizza with an even worse atmosphere for Italian cuisine. Also a sexual term that means bukkake.
1. I had Meatlovers at the BAHN the other day and I almost threw up because it was so disgusting. The onions weren't even cooked!
2. It was horrible! They cornered me and gave the Meatlovers at the BAHN!
by Zander S August 22, 2008
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You're doing a girl doggy style, then you pull out and spit on her back, making her think you came. Then you shoot in her eye and she covers it with one hand like a patch, and gets up to tell at you. You kick her in the shin and make her hop around on one leg like a pirate while she says "ARRRRR"
I gave some girl the rowdy pirate and she still called me back the next day! Zander!
by Zander S August 22, 2008
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