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Elizabeth, taker of copious amounts of cock. A sleeve or sheath for a man's member.
My god, Elizabeth fucks so many guys, she's a regular meat sock, that is, a sock for some man's meat.
by kanzai43 January 20, 2009
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I really slutty loose girl, that often has sex with men. Putting your weiner inside would be like putting it into a sock made out of meat
Dude, Bridget is a total meatsock.
by Devon Martinez September 07, 2005
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derrogetory term used for a loose girl.
i.e.-- "Fuckhole"
Poor Jenny is a real meatsock, and she thought this whole time we called her "MS" because it meant "magical stars" like in lucky charms. What a clueless, mindless beeotch she is.
by steve November 12, 2003
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Meat is another word for a man's member. so the meat sock, is the sock for your member. a meat sock is a condom.
i hit her in the face with some baby batter in a meat sock.
by Jake Jarmel May 21, 2004
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Legs that look like near-to-bursting sausages on a grill. Meat Socks make "cankles" look trim and fit - there are usually extra rolls of skin in Meat Socks that would swallow a "cankle" whole, much like an Old Testament vision.
"Those strappy shoes could not withstand the force and pressure of the Meat Socks jammed into them."
by MrSalamander May 06, 2008
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a grey, old and linty sock full of bloody ground beef used for chewing or slapping.
feel the wrath of my meatsock!
by steinsta January 15, 2008
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