Epic captain of the vessel "The Reflection"
Often famous for voyaging across the seven seas and being the finder of the Termicrocasnakeagatornadar. Which is
1/5 terminator
1/5 crocodile
1/5 snake
1/5 gator
2/3 Ralph Nadar
an extremely rare mythological creasture consisting of improper fractions.
McCue was said to have slain the mythological creature with a harpoon.
by MicQ February 25, 2009
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Someone who enjoys buttsex with farm animals. People tend to avoid McCues
That McCue did what with a horse?
by thatguyfromthatmoviethattime October 02, 2013
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Someone who masturbates frequently and at improper times. Usually homo erotic.
"Did you see Michael? He such a mccue."
by Aliaune June 05, 2007
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coolest girl in Athens

April McCue
Dude my sister said if you Google coolest girl in Athens she pops up let’s just see..........dude no shit the coolest girl in Athens is April McCue!

Why is she the coolest?

Read it bro like she even has URBAN DICTIONARY MENTIONED!!!!

That’s cool man!
by ashane March 10, 2020
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When someone, who knows a bug exists in code and doesn't fix it.
Classic McCue, knew about the bug but was too lazy to fix it. The Cunt.
by not-ss January 29, 2017
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