Matthaus has the biggest dick in the group. Great editing skills and could probably potentially be a great youtuber.
If Matthaus had a YouTube channel, I'd subscribe.
by Anonymousmiss August 17, 2017
Smarter boy in class and is friends with girls named Natalie and Ella.
hoe ass matthaus
by truqlover February 21, 2020
When one busts a nut. Then the loose fat on their face begins to shake and wiggle.
I was giving my girl the bilbo baggins when unbenounced to me I busted a nut and performed a Walter Matthau.
by fuckass#1 February 10, 2004
a man who has never even been with 12 miles of a plastic surgeon, Walt opts for the natural look, that of a dried bowl of grapes. star of classic films such as Grumpy Old Men, The Couch Trip and Charley Varnick... and Dennis, in which he portrays Mr.Wilson. what a guy.
"Hey Mr.Willllllllllllsooooon!"
"Dennis! Don't touch my gold coin collection!!"
by failure33object April 24, 2005
Person 1: Yo, Matthaus is such a simp!
Person 2: Yeah, no one more simppppy than

the simp Lord!
by Cool kid 2090 March 11, 2020
The act of screwing a woman with a rather large vagina, that was shaved about 2 weeks prior. An old man with no teeth and a 5 oclock shadow giving you a hummer, slobbering out of the sides of his mouth.
Wow, last night I picked up that old bitch from the bar, went back to her apartment and her box was like The Walter Matthau Mouth!

My scoutmaster tried to blow me at camp. I wouldnt let him, his shit is like Walter Matthau dude!
by captain jeff January 31, 2008