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(1) a term to describe an act of complete twattery, normally carried out by a buffoon.
(2) plural of buffet.
(1) "did you hear of Dan Newton's latest act of buffoonery?"
(2) "what a nice buffoonery! where are the sausages on sticks, eh?"
by failure33object April 26, 2005
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an ancient foodstuff invented by aborigines. they would gather a variety of nuts from the forest and cook them in a light pastry. the sort of thing Ray Mears might enjoy making. in some cases the aborigines would roll the nuts up in a leaf and light it, thus creating a nut cigar.
Ray Mears: "what are you doing there?"
Aborigine 1: "gathering nuts for a nut pie."
RM to camera: "he says he's gathering nuts, for a nut pie."
Aborigine 2: "sod off, Ray."
by failure33object April 18, 2005
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a nutcase who rules a magical land from behind a curtain, despite being only 1.9 foot tall. often seen fighting with Toto. well known for being a roght miserable git. and also owner of a hot air balloon.
Wizard: "Toto give me back that sausage!"
Toto: *runs off with sausage*
Wizard: "you little bastard!!"
by failure33object April 18, 2005
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Alan Titmarch's worst nightmare, a plant which walks and can shoot razor leaves. also has the ability to whip folk with seeds. spotted frequently in Swansea, where he grows to enormous size due to the colossal amount of rain. his best attributes are his massive head. eats candy and mince beef.
most likely to say: "bulba, bulba!"
least likely to say: "what the blazes is that yellow mouse squawking for?"
by failure33object April 19, 2005
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short for uber-Jackolas. a demonic resurrection of Saint Jackolas after he has died. uber-Jacko has uber-Jesus Juice which contains the extra ingredient of peppermint and a dash of pure oxygen. more of a danger to the youth population than measles and meningitis combined.
"capable of winning any checkers game, no matter how many opponents" - Rob McLean, uber-Jacko victim
by failure33object April 26, 2005
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a form of musical escapism invented by the mystery that is Jethry Benadine. consists of off-key drum beats and severe battering of guitars. overexposure will result in blindness and/or deafness.
electtrivia - a big deathly cocktail of conflicting noise.
by failure33object April 30, 2005
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the chosen gastronomic delight of checkers players the world over. although saint jackolas will claim responsibility, colonel sanders invented this delicacy in 1867, on the checkers battlefield.
"the colonal has outdone himself with this addictive and health damaging product...top draw fast food" - Rob McLean, checkers hero and popcorn chicken addict
by failure33object April 23, 2005
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