when a tran is looking and acting like a cis, for survival.

a more accurate term than the older passing, which implied assimilation into a larger society, focused on the mainstream's point-of-view of transness, and included people (ie. fish) who may or may not be actively trying to look cis.

masking better describes the experience of the trans person, who is actively creating a mask, that the act is for superficial defense & survival, and doesn't imply that the tran is in any way attempting to actually become cis.
please don't impulsively introduce me to your trans friend just bc i'm trans, they're clearly masking and don't want to be outed as queer in this crowd
by fish trap July 15, 2018
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playing loud music to cover the sounds of noisy sex
My neighbor keeps turning her music up, she's probably masking.
by Joannes November 22, 2007
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same as duct, scotch, athletic (although ironic), video and cassette
Masking Melvin enjoys reemnelson science
by drew March 19, 2003
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