One of the Call of Duty 4 perks online. This is where you drop a grenade once you die. Mostly pisses people off.
I freaking hate it when the other players have the Martyrdom perk in their class. I never get away in time.
by Keater December 18, 2007
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While once having a positive sacrificial meaning, now polluted by Activision's knack for an attempt to make death less fail and more win. Martyrdom was an intended military training program first seen in one of Activision's popular video game titles Call of Duty 4 as a simulation for a possible military technique to increases the chances of winning a war after failing. Their program would teach our soldiers to always have a grenade ready, pin pulled, in case they died by an onslaught of P-90 sub-machine guns, to get satisfy their already emotionless mind's need for revenge.

While Call of Duty 4 showed tremendous progress to the number of players using the perk, they also noticed the perk-users' average IQ stood on average below room temperature. This soon got worse and all attempts to shoot the opposing force ceased, since dying made the game easier increasing your number of kills masking your dull wits.

The data collected showed that even the noobiest player, noobtube and all, can kill the best hacker making citizens more and more equal. The military quickly backed out to avoid promoting communism among their soldiers representing America and avoid the title: "Asshat."

Activision has now turned to GM for a possible investment.
Turn off Martyrdom!
by -Rogue- September 30, 2009
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The most freaking annoying thing in the world. A perk in COD4 and a deathstreak in COD6, the user drops a live grenade which pisses people off, typically knifers.
I was about to get a freakin nuke! until i freakin died by Martyrdom
by Aliasbam June 19, 2010
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1) The act of killing yourself to provide motivation to others.

2) A cowardly and sneaky act of violence against an unsuspecting target. This ideology is brought on mostly the wife beating pedophiles in the religion of peace i.e. Islam.
Guy 1: Those Sept 11th hijackers claim they were martyr's and expected 99 virgins at the pearlly gates.
Guy 2: What vigin would want to be with a mass killer? Why 99... in Heaven? Stupid ass mofos.
by Steve January 13, 2005
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Expressing a belief via a wall or status update on Facebook with full knowledge of the inevitable disproportionate backlash and furore it will cause. This is usually carried out as a final act before facebook suicide.
Me: You know what, I actually can't stand Katy Perry. Her music is crap. Exhibit A: her latest hit 'California Girls' shamelessly copies the instrumentation from Ke$ha's 'TikTok'. Her music is neither original nor artistic, typical of pop nowadays.
KPfan1: wot u talking bout!! her music is ammmaaaazing!! just jealous cos u'll never be as happy or successful as her!
KPfan2: yeah i know get a life! stop being harsh to her!!!
KPfan3: why you havin a go at her!!!! leave katy perry alone!!!!
KPfan4: oooooohhhhh myyyy gosddd! you didn't just say that!!!!!
Me: Well, this is a typical case of Facebook martyrdom...I have no regrets.
by Platonics. November 10, 2010
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Officially the greatest thread ever to be conceived. (Voted as 'Thread of the Century' by Web User magazine in 2008) Originally founded by 'joseph12011993' on the Official Playstation Forum it has been the center of martyrdom based banter, as well as many other subjects, on the internet for over 2 years.

It has survived several attacks from both mods and uninformed members but to this day remains the place to be for any internet lover.
John: Oh boy, I sure do hate Martyrdom on Call of Duty....
Paul: You know what, you should express your views on the Remove Martyrdom thread... there you will recieve helpful tips on how to avoid being killed by said perk as well as making lots of life long friends!
John: You don't say?.... Well where do I sign up?!
Paul: Where? Why, on the Official EU Playstation Forums, thats where!
John: Jee thanks! My life is now complete....
by you know it makes sense February 24, 2010
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