The technically correct way to spell the name of the popular performer and expert on both the second-oldest and the oldest professions in the world: show business and prostitution, respectively.

Due to the market increase in dim-witted skanktacular performers leading to slut inflation, the previous dollar sign in her name has been demoted to mere cents.
Person A: "Did you see what that attention whore Ke¢ha wore on Jimmy Kimmel last night?"

Person B: "No. Wait, I thought her name was pronounced 'Ke$ha'."

Person A: "Well, it was. But she's an even cheaper slut now, I guess. You could totally tell that the jeggings she wore was actually dirty, and not like stage dirty. Gross."
by ToddUncommon February 14, 2011
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The ke$ha is performed when the male partner ejaculates on the female's face and chest and then throws glitter all over her, making the glitter stick.
Dude, I gave the Ke$ha to this girl last night, she cried running to the shower!
by shut up fgt October 05, 2010
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The act of busting upon a girls face and then throwing a handful of glitter at her.
I just gave your mom The Ke$ha!
by bob1434 September 28, 2010
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A drunk bitch who is a kinda chub verison of Taylor Swift. Her voice is so obviously autotuned it's ridiculous, and she dresses like the average pop music ho. Her lyrics are kinda stupid, but people like her songs anyways.
"Ke$ha is a drunk bitch and is gunna end up in rehab."

"Friend 1: hey guys ima get drunk and write a shitty song in all my drunkednness, and then ima dress lyke britnay spearzzz
Friend 2: WTF you're such a ke$ha, fuck off you drunk bitch"
by i'm pretty bored January 07, 2010
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A relatively new pop artist who looks like an badass version of Taylor Swift. That's not an insult, it's the truth.
She's primarily known for her song Tik Tok and appearing in Flo Rida's "Right Round." Not a particularily good singer or songwriter, Ke$ha often writes really crappy lyrics such as "There's a party at a rich dudes house so if ya wanna go then ya know oh" and "Now, the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger but we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger", the latter of which doesn't exactly make sense.

That being said, she does manage to write insanely and annoyingly catchy songs.
Anna: OMG! Tik Tok is the kewlest song EVER!!!!!
Alexa: Who wrote it?
Anna: You know, the girl who looks like Taylor Swift dressed up as Britney Spears.
Alexa: Oh, you mean Ke$ha!
Anna: YEAH!
Alexa (listens for a minute to Tik Tok): Oh, god. I can't stand another second of this crap. At least Britney's lyrics make sense, even if they are slutty.
by Gummy Bears on Crack January 02, 2010
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A musical artist with very minimal/no talent, Ke$ha is a term known as 'crack-whore', or a whore who is addicted to crack cocaine. Despite having poor musicianship, Ke$ha is frequently played on the radio and is the voice of a generation of fellow crack-whores who believe it to be okay to get "crunk" at 9 in the morning.
To compensate for her poor musicianship and horrendous outer-appearance, Ke$ha frequently likes to overuse makeup and glitter, giving her another appropriate term; "The Glam Whore".
Ke$ha is 'under-talented' and 'overrated' because her musical abilities are considerably limited, but her songs are gaining alarmingly frequent airplay.
by semipunk93 December 29, 2010
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1. Pop singer with little to no singing ability. Recent hits include Tik Tok and Your Love is My Drug. One time was enough. Ke$ha is also featured in the hit song of equally talentless artist Flo-Rida (he's from Florida so he put a space in the middle of the word. Not only do Ke$ha and Flo-rida share a lack of talent but both have incredibly unimaginative monikers). Almost entirely auto-tuned, her sound resembles that of a malfunctioning masturbating robot. Her lyrics, the few that make sense anyway, promote the once condemned stupid and cheap behavior that causes STDs. Her style is a failed imitation of Lady Gaga and is likened more to that of...well I was gonna say trashy hookers but I don't want to insult hookers that way
2. Sign that American mainstream music fails
Did you hear that new Ke$ha song?
I didn't make it past the first 5 seconds.
by Supersir April 05, 2011
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