A company that originally broke off from Atari to become the first thrid party developer of the video game industry. Despite their leaving Atari because they didn't like the corporate monney grubbing direction that company was heading they are now every bit as evil and money driven as any other publisher out there. They are famous for releasing buggy hafl assed titles.
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. A game so buggy I had to use cheat codes to get past doors that were sealed shut because of a bug.
by Sega Slayer April 9, 2005
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An American video game company that is ran by a bunch of money grubbing monkies. The company itself is a money grubbing scrub.

During the development of Black Ops, Activision published the game even though the developers of Black Ops, Treyarch, haven't completely tested the game on the PS3. This led Treyarch to release multiple patches and updates for the PS3 version of Black Ops, because it couldn't function online.

An upcoming video game, Modern Warfare 3, is being published by Activision, any mw3 lovers out there don't be surprised if it doesn't work properly if Activision sends it out when its incomplete
Dude I just bought Call of Duty Black Ops and it didn't fucking work on the PS3, those money grubbing scrubs that work for Activision screwed the game in the asshole.

I'm not gonna let Activision publish the video game because they are money grubbing fucks who are in it for the money and don't give a shit about the game.

If it weren't for raging fans of video games, Activision wouldn't be fucking rich
by !!Activision hater!! June 5, 2011
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The running-into-the-ground of any remotely successful movie or videogame franchise.
Related to the videogame company Activision, and how they often produce multiple installments of their successful games, particularly Call of Duty and Tony Hawk, each year, with little to no innovation.
"I was a really big fan of it, until it got activisioned."
by cheffff February 5, 2012
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Unlock this definition at tier 15, or from the rare supply drop for only 200 COD points
"Hey Jeff, why don't you play Black ops 4?"
"The VMP Activision put in."
by Trashy10_00 October 11, 2019
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A company that milks their sponsors by making 5 Guitar Hero games and spin-offs every month
Activision Worker: -typing- Almost finished coding Guitar Hero 2,304,293,586,342.
by WrKing1 September 26, 2009
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the visual impairment caused by playing too much Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Band Hero, or Rock Band that makes it seem like the background and foreground are melting while the middle-ground stays still.

this symptom nearly always falls in conjunction with, but is not exclusively tied too any of the following: dizziness, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, loss of friends, loneliness, virginity, false feelings of self accomplishment, pretending to know how to pretend to play the guitar, turntables, drums, etc.. excessive use of air-drums, air-guitar, amateurish beat boxing, and or scratching motions with one's middle and forefingers.

if someone you know is experiencing activision, DON'T PANIC!! chances are they are not your friend anyway and it is recommended that a doctor be consulted before realizing that there isn't shit you can do about it short of mercilessly, but lovingly beating them with their own plastic instruments. this will cure the activision, and leave you feeling satisfied and relieved.
inflicted: "woah... the room looks like its melting"

person: "that's called activision. it happened because youve been in a dark room for 5 hours trying to beat "through the fire and the flames" on expert and didnt stop to give your eyes a rest"
by He who knows many things February 21, 2010
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A lack of foresight for the consequences of tremendously stupid Ideas.
Greg decided to get drunk and run naked through the cactus patch last night. Cases of activision like that are gonna kill him one day
by Bluepwner July 7, 2010
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