An examination that tests how lonely you have been in the last two years of high school.
"Bhai yaar, kal JEE ka exam he. Gaand hi phat gyi"

"Bro, tomorrow i have to write the JEE exam. I am scared af"
by Depressed and lonely January 3, 2021
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Jee or 'G' is a diminutive for Gamer (video game player).
"Hey you're a jee?" means "Hey are you a gamer"
by iGame October 23, 2009
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Girl : pull your pants down
Guy : K
Girl : :o OMG You're such a jee
by Puddech December 19, 2016
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A chronic goat fucker. A Jee cannot control its bestial desires.
Whenever a Jee comes to town, Farmer John locks up his goats.
by IWannaBlowFavre November 27, 2007
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Blowing you paycheck on extensive amounts of virtual content while realizing you have absolutely no self control over any of your monetary values. "To Jee or not to Jee"
Woah, I heard jmicheel19 just did a Jee and blew his paycheck on some virtual metal on wheels.
by jmicheel19 March 28, 2021
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A name for a girl who is very, very awesome. This girl will be extremely crazy, and will most likely lead you astray. She will fall in love quickly, take off her clothes when she is bored and get into trouble a lot. Most jeejee's hate school and tend to be picked on by teachers. They do not do their homework,and frequently get detention. Many jee jee's have big bums and pull guys easily. Jeejee's don't sleep very well, and tend to stay up till the wee hours of the night thinking.They also dye their hair a lot, and have silly,curly hair. Even though jeejee's are usually beautiful, they will brush off compliments and have very little belief that they are in any way attractive. A lot of jeejee's are secretly depressed and are able to hide behind a mask of happiness. Jeejee's can drown in sadness very easily. Girls named jee jee are amazing. They will fill your life with crazy, and drag you on silly missions just for the fun of it. Jeejee's are also very sexual at times. Reasons for death are most likely insecurity, or a unfortunate event in the process of a stupid but adventurous mistake.
"wow, you remind me of a jee jee I used to know"
by You'lllovemeipromise July 10, 2013
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In persian it means breast (informal).
mathar be bacheh goft: "bia jee jee bekhor" (mother said her baby : "come on to eat milk from my breasts")
by Khorooshan March 23, 2009
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