A way of doing marijuana by heating up the blades of knives.

See hot knives
"I think I inhaled a lot because I was on the couch drunk while they were all doing knifers"
by not important April 10, 2005
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A person (usually one of your friends) that says they will do something with you, but then "stabs you in the back" and goes and does something else. (A "cunt kniver" is someone who will do this frequently with their girlfriend).
When someone you made plans with disappears and becomes a Knifer / Kniver
by Tower June 10, 2007
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Used to refer to a Shriner, derived from the curved blade called a scimitar that is embroidered on the fez of a Shriner which resembles a curved cheese knife.
I never knew he was a cheese knifer until I saw his obituary, look at the cheese knifer riding that mini bike
by Unkle John June 24, 2010
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You do the biggest solid pooh in the known universe. usually dry with no use of paper, (or your partners face cloth), it is the need to cut it up with some tool, like a bread knife( partners toothbrush) to cut it in pieces in order to flush it
Should have seen the Bread knifer i had to let go.

pooh shit dump crap poop
by ConFest Pete September 11, 2011
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When you take two knifes and heat them up by putting them on a hot stove. Then you cum on them and inhale the smoke created by the burning semen.
by Dick nipple, Dudley Gorlove March 09, 2009
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A skinny white boy who wanders in Langford drinking ice caps.
That's the third time this week I've seen that knifer walking around , he does have lovely blond hair though.
by Rachael A scott January 26, 2016
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A scrawny white boy who walks the streets of langford at night drinking Tim hortons ice capps
There's that Knifer again patrolling langford
by Rs.ag9491 February 18, 2016
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