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A sexy individual, who has a real knack for sports and everything else. He is awesomely cute and is dangerously funny. Girls know he's the go-to guy for anything. He also has a charismatic personality and a killer sense of humor.
Catherine: Who's the cute guy over there?

Jocelyn: I know riight? I think his name is Marteen
by #roadman December 12, 2017
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A beautiful young girl with bright blue eyes. Her favorite color is blue and she loves to be adventurous. Marteen will always be there for her friends and is doing ok in school. Sometimes she lacks in common sense.
I love marteen, she just so funny!
by Cotton thread January 04, 2017
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the enlarged state of an elephant's prostate and testicles. rarely occurs in human cases.
wow i cant believe your case of marteen! your junk is like an elephants!
by shannon sobandos February 15, 2008
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genuine, loyal and everything in between. Will go to hell and back for "friends". A person to be kept around as long as you reciprocate the slightest bit of their time, energy, love...
Marteen has usually been there for me, he rarely gives me a reason to doubt him.
by yL March 14, 2017
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