Someone who can resolve a difficult problem or situation another person's facing.
Talk to Phil about getting out of that jaywalking ticket. He's your go-to guy for that kind of thing.
by Jimbonator March 30, 2005
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An ultra-forgiving and soft-hearted dude --- often a clean-living fellow who is financially-solvent and caring/respectful to everyone, but who seldom is able to "hang on to" a lady for more than a month or two because he is somewhat naive/awkward and/or he simply lacks "hot hunk" appeal --- whom a selfish/irresponsible lady views as merely a "spare tire" --- she keeps "running back to him" over and over again each time her successive brief flings with other guys go sour... like many of the other gals who have briefly dated him, she actually gets along okay with this one particular dude most of the time --- he always treats her with kindness and respect, and he's "always there for her" and helps her out with stuff in her life. But then whenever she meets someone new, she gets all starry-eyed and flippantly brushes off the clueless guy in her eager reckless headlong dash for seemingly greener pastures, but then when the new dude gets fed up with her mindlessly-consumptive ways and/or shallow attitude and goes off in a huff again, she immediately comes bawling and blubbering back to her "original" guy in floods of penitent tears --- "How could I have ever even DREAMED of leaving you? How utterly STUPID of me... you are indeed the best thing that ever happened to me!" (Yeah, sure --- just until she meets somebody else, that is, and then here we go all over again!)
Clueless dude with his heart on his sleeve: I hate being a go-to guy for a lot of the gals I meet... I wanna be one of the "regular tires" on their car, not just the spare donut to rattle around in their trunk and then briefly slap on whenever one of their "regular tires" blows out, and then get casually tossed back into the trunk as soon as another "regular tire" comes along!
by QuacksO July 30, 2017
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This person is often responsible for planning activities and inviting females and other Bros. If a Bro is trying to find something to do, they generally call this “go-to guy”. There can be a maximum of two “go-to guys” in a group. Many times the "go-to guys" is named Dave or David.
I'm board.. what's David up to - he's never bored - he's the go-to guy.
by thebry May 27, 2010
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originally a sports term, means anyone who knows how to solve a specific problem or perform a certian task OR knows where to go to solve a problem or perform a specific task.
Rusty, my go to guy, hooked me up with tickets for the sold-out show
by marieandhercats July 6, 2009
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The one you go to for advice. Who can turn your sad days into happy days. The one guy that knows all your secrets, that you tell anything and everything to, who protects you and only wants the best for you. The first person you tell your happy and sad news who always is the first one that comes to mind. The friend that you can't wait to talk to because no matter how boring of a day you've had, there's always tons of things to share. This is the friend who takes up the majority of your minutes/texts. Who you cannot see your life without.
You are my rock, my go to guy, the one friend that completes me.
by Go to girl November 4, 2013
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When a women understands she is attractive, uses a specific male, and only continues to associate with him only for when she needs something. Typically the male drops all immediate agendas to help the female, however he gets nothing in return. A false “friendship.”
Man, she only calls me when she needs something! She won’t even hang with us! I’ve become her go-to-guy, all hail the problem-solving General I am!
by ThePerplexingH August 31, 2018
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A kiss ass that has there nose up the bosses butt so far
he can smell what the boss had for dinner two nights ago.
Al is my go to guy.
by Chuck Durbin September 26, 2007
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