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A rare last name had among mexicans (and white people). Had because people couldnt decide if they wanted their change last name to be Garcia, or Martinez.
"John: Hey, they fucked up my birth certificate! Not John Marcus, MARQUEZ."
by Ruben J. August 01, 2008
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A totally amazing and considerate guy who's super handsome. Complete sweet heart who will go out of his way for his girl. Not the type of guy who has a lot of girlfriends all the time, if he finds a girl lucky enough to have him, he'll wife her up and stay loyal to her for a very long time. Isn't afraid to be considered "whipped" by his friends and is always a gentleman. He falls in love fast and hard. Knows how to crack a joke and always has you laughing and feeling better. Is horny but very respectful. So loveable.
You see that guy over there!? He's so sweet must be a Marquez!
by Gotyoback!21 December 01, 2012
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Marquez is a last name that comes from various places. It is of Italian, French, English, Slovak, Spanish, Danish, Jewish, Swedish, Hungarian, Greek, Portuguese, Czech, Slavic, German, Irish, Scottish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, welsh, Korean, Dutch, and much more of ancestry.

•Meaning: A title name ranking below duke and above earl.
•Origin: Spanish
•Gender: Male
Ruby : Hey that person is really smart!
Erandi: Duh! She is a Marquez!
by ronniemrkez January 07, 2011
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