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One amazing person. Loves to make people laugh most likley a piceses.Cries alot but is the most beautiful person you will ever meet with amazing eyes(really suductive). Will give you a good laugh and make you think about life, will listen to all your problems, and give you advice when you need it. One of the most loyal people you will ever meet. Overall someone you want to be friends with.
Wow i wish i was friends with Erandi
by loovephoenix101 January 16, 2017
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One awesome lady. Beer enthusiast by nature. Loves all things associated with the macabre and other-wordly. Does favours for friends, of which she has plenty. Smells like cigarette smoke and soap. Has a wicked sense of humour. Dislikes children, especially snotty ones.
You have to be an Erandi to enjoy this type of rock music.
by Die skim October 22, 2010
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a fake ho that is faking depression online and laughing her ass off everywhere else plus she doesn’t have no ass or tits she’s flat as a stick . she’s fake to friends and fake in general don’t trust any erandi their all fake hos . she is a thot and just plays every guy she sees .
ashley : Erandi went out with 7 of my exes

Jesse : she liked all of my exes

Noah : she played me and then whent out with anthony and cheated on him .

Emily : she fakes being depressed , see she’s laughing all the time and yet she posted this on her snapchat story “ fuck love” “he hates me like i hate myself” and she always has a crush on someone after she breaks up with some stupid guy .

Anthony : watch imma go back with her only to cheat on her .

Ashley : okay bet. !!

Emily : we all know she’s going to say yes , with her desperate ass 😂 .
by _she_a_ho_ October 24, 2018
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