Someone who takes ideas and concepts and converts them to fruition and tangible form without just talking about it.
The Maro acts on ideas while the rest only speak about them
by ala don September 04, 2020
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Someone with an obnoxious superiority complex. (Often a sexual deviant as well.)
A: "Imagine actually believing you're smarter than me."
B: "God, you're such a Maro."
by Binyameen March 15, 2018
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An overgrown man-child that breathes with his mouth open. Absolutely reeks of halitosis. Sleeps in a bed full of cookie crumbs because he passes out while filling his face full of chips ahoy. Insists on fixing things that were never broken to begin with in an effort to make himself feel more manly. Breaks everything he tries to fix. Cries to his mom when his girlfriend doesn’t constantly stroke his man ego and tell him he’s doing a good job. Drives a garbage truck.
Can you hear that heavy breathing sound? Oh that’s just Maro choking on his fat tongue.
by Chickl July 12, 2018
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ngl maroš is such a god
coudlnt agree
now kiss
by sex. predator March 02, 2020
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ceo , founder, and literal meaning of ligbit (lgbt) nation
austim: yk this dude named maro
jamie charlie: yea he made ligbit nation
by totallynotskylarthenigeriankid January 05, 2020
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Light skin ish fat crusty lip broke boy who gets patterned by his mum
Maro is Patterned by his mum
by Bludfire May 02, 2019
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