Marlena is a girls name and is only used for girls who are more perfect than anyone else. People who are called Marlena are more likely to be attractive beautiful and cute and much more than anyone else if you date someone called Marlena they say that she will deny that she's perfect to try and be nice but everyone knows that she really is
Marlena is perfect
by RandomGuyOG August 6, 2017
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A beautiful talented girl who loves hanging out with her friends. She's shy at first but once you get to know her you will be blown away. She has blonde hair and green or blue eyes that sparkle. A creative personality. Loves the beach and the ocean. She loves to be one of the guys and be comfortable around her closest friends. She never runs out of things to talk about and always keep people interested. She has trust issues but once you earn her trust she's always the one to count on. You can go to Marlena for anything she always knows what to say. Her body is irresistible and her smile brights up a room. Her eyes are bright and say a lot about her. If you know a Marlena keep her close because she's a lifetime friend. And a unconditional lover.
Marlena has beautiful hair. She's so funny.
by MarlenaXoxo February 9, 2013
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The Marlena I know is a girl who is shy and intelligent. She is talented and she doesn't talk a lot. She can be sensitive. She is also creative and curious. She's beautiful in her own way but not too friendly.
Somebody: Hey Marlena! Come over here!

Marlena: ... (In her head): Why?
by crystalht7 August 24, 2018
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is kind, has green eyes like the ocean and is very loving. She makes you laugh every time you turn around. Just being around her turns your bad day into one of the best. She is drop dead gorgeous, and doesn't even know it. Hilarious, lovable, and loving, she's a Marlena.
Marlena walked into the room, and we all smiled.
by imissyouandwanttobewithyou March 16, 2013
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The most super awesome amazing badass person that ever existed
Tom: Marlena is such a awesome person don't you think?
Oliver: Yea.
by someone458 February 18, 2010
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My beautiful bitch who has the best style and personality ever she is an AMAZING PERSON. if your reading this Lena then "i love you bitch i ain't ever gonna stop loving you bitch." !!! She has blond and brown hair and she is an amazing artist who loves sharing her art with friends.
by Vosswater333 March 31, 2020
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Marlena is the type of person you would see roaming around the town searching for some last minute grubs. Marlena likes likes to beatbox around to the lastest tunes and dance to the chiming bells of England. Some call her the lost-long legged.
Marlena likes to do the left foot right foot.
by brorethebeast November 8, 2021
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