Lena is one of the most lovable girls you will ever meet! She is so beautiful, like a mermaid, in a way that makes you weak on your knees every time you see her! She has a brilliant mind, her personality is so bubbly and her eyes make you fall in love with her... She has the presence of a lioness, ferocious but majestic at the same time. When you see one Lena in your life, please appreciate every single moment you have with her, because she deserves all that is good in our universe. Her beauty is outmatched only by her heart and her smile is so infectious. She even gives meaning to mundane stuff, such as a soulless Monday or a boring Thursday. Be careful, you won't find a woman such as her easily, but if you catch her attention, you will be the happiest man on Earth... If you ever find yourself in a low point in your life, go to Lena, she will brighten your day the moment you lay eyes on her...
I can't wait to see Lena again, she makes me so happy...
by Klaus_November November 7, 2021
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Our most precious bean. Small but oh so mighty. Be gentle with this pure soul, for she can be so hard on herself. She will try to please everyone before she thinks of herself. Her kind nature is as bright as her big alluring eyes. Though she is quiet she has a lot to say if you let her. She tends to seem dazed but it’s due to her being lost in her elaborate mind. Her mind is like a library full of books that are filled with stories and ideas. She will read them to you if you let her. She is a marvelous creator. She can be witty and fast, but only means to be sweet. Protect a Lena’s heart and treasure her always. She deserves the sweet taste of letting her walls down and the warm embrace of hearing “you’re going to be okay”.
by Chandy96 November 23, 2021
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Lena is a ray of bright light!
by Lovin3434! December 13, 2020
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Lena is a beautiful, very intelligent, fashionable, popular, friendly, helpful, cute girl. She will be there by your side whenever you need her. She will stay up late at night to help you deal with your problems. She has a lot of problems on her own, but she doesn't tell most people, she tries to deal with them on her own. Lena is very insecure, even though everybody that is around her clearly sees how amazing and perfect she is. She is also athletic, has a beautiful body and is overall the best friend you can have. She is a Heather, 100%. She has a very flirty personality and also has a way of talking to people, and a way to make all of the boys fall in love with her and all the girls jealous of her ;) If you have a "Lena", you know that she might be a little cold or mean or even bitchy sometimes...but you never know what she's going through, ask her if everything is okay and remember that fine doesn't mean that she is actually fine. If you meet her, and she glances at you at times, smiles and turns around when you're talking, hugs you, is close to you but also kind of is mean to you...she definitely likes you. Be careful though because like I said she does have flirty personality even towards people that she doesn't like that way. As her ex best friend that let her down, please never let her go...you'll miss her like crazy and you will never find another one like her. You like her? Shoot your shoot! You love her as a best friend? Tell her that, she loves being appreciated
You have a Lena? Please take care of her, listen to her, comfort her. You will never find anybody better than her.
by nicki99999 October 21, 2020
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A very bubbly person, and so beautiful. Caring too. She gets a lot of attention, but she doesn't even realize it, which is something amazing about her. She's sometimes in her own little world, and everyone wants to be a part of that. She's innocent and always seems happy. Cute and tiny. Pinching her lovely and adorable cheeks would result in an extremely adorable/cute shy and embarrassed smile that you've GOT to do it. She's very fun and funny. It's always a pleasure to be around her. She can handle any situation well, and knows how to plan. Has a way of talking to people. She's spontaneous and can be crazy, but in a good way! She's honest and very loyal, which people love about her. She's easy to get along with, and a smiley person. She has a great personality that everyone loves. If you're facing a problem, she'll jump at the chance to help you, without expecting anything in return. You should consider yourself very lucky if Lena loves you, because she's very unique in every possible way. Lena's man is/would be the luckiest man on earth, because she truly is a treasure. She's the whole package!
DAMN! Yu've got a LENA?! How lucky can youget?
by CrazyBrenner November 16, 2015
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Lena is the most lovable, sweetest, sexiest girl you will ever meet, she’ll sweep you off your feet when ur not even expecting it. The most beautiful woman in the world. She's smart; generous, and forgiving. The type of girl that lights up a dull room with her positive attitude and humour. She'll joke around, but you better know not to mess with her. Strong confidence radiates off of her with every step. She is the golden standard for what it means to be a woman. She's strong, compassionate, and absolutely breathtaking. Her beauty will cut through into your heart, leaving you sweating and at a loss for words. She is by definition, the most perfect girl you will ever meet. She can make u the happiest person and make your life so much better. Lena is so loyal you know she’ll be there for you in your darkest of times so make sure u spend your best of times with her. I can literally go in for pages about Lena because there is so much to say about her, I don’t think there’s enough words to sum Lena up because there’s so much to her to love. Lena is always compared to an angel due to her overbearingly holy like presence, but you should always remember that Lena is very unique so if u find her you should definitely hold her tight and never let her go. She loves hugs and cuddles so be sure to give her lots those, and staying up late so you can talk to her for hours. She is the living proof that God is capable of reproducing perfectly made spirits.
Omg is that an angel, no it's Lena
by Chrissy August 22, 2023
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