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A very bubbly person, and so beautiful. Caring too. She gets a lot of attention, but she doesn't even realize it, which is something amazing about her. She's sometimes in her own little world, and everyone wants to be a part of that. She's innocent and always seems happy. Cute and tiny. Pinching her lovely and adorable cheeks would result in an extremely adorable/cute shy and embarrassed smile that you've GOT to do it. She's very fun and funny. It's always a pleasure to be around her. She can handle any situation well, and knows how to plan. Has a way of talking to people. She's spontaneous and can be crazy, but in a good way! She's honest and very loyal, which people love about her. She's easy to get along with, and a smiley person. She has a great personality that everyone loves. If you're facing a problem, she'll jump at the chance to help you, without expecting anything in return. You should consider yourself very lucky if Lena loves you, because she's very unique in every possible way. Lena's man is/would be the luckiest man on earth, because she truly is a treasure. She's the whole package!
DAMN! Yu've got a LENA?! How lucky can youget?
by CrazyBrenner January 20, 2016
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she is the best friend I could ever ask for. She is the kind of person who sits next you and Comforts you when u are crying. She is a kind hearted person that you should never let go of. If you have a Lena in your life you should never let her go because you will never find another person just like her.
Person 1: I wish I had a Lena in my life.
Person2: I have a one and I am never letting her go.
by Emily Elizabeth October 30, 2016
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A cool girl. She's very sensitive, and can fall apart at any moment. A great friend, and very beautiful. Very impressionable from her friends, and no matter what she says, will always be in some way, a child. She's very athletic, tries hard to please her mother, but always fails. Cries a lot. Deserves so much better than what she's got. Any guy would be crazy to not like her.
"I had a good friend once, her name was Lena."

"Hey, that girl's cute, she's a Lena."

"She's coloring, she must be a Lena."
by Sayjay February 27, 2012
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A smart kind young woman who would do anything for her friends. She is honest, trustworthy and listens well. People can come to her with their problems. She is a great friend.
Everyone needs a Lena in their life.
by jaysun722 March 21, 2010
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A beautiful woman with a charming yet fiesty personality. Having the most amazing body youve ever seen, she is extreamely seductive. A sweetheart, but not the one you want to cross. She will do anything for her true friends and family. Gorgeous eyes, nice teeth, and a banging body. Shes everything you could ever want, and more. If youre lucky enough to get with her, you dont want to let her go. She is one of a kind.
Youre dating Lena? Dont mess it up, or someone else will treat her right.
by qomaingunet106457 January 29, 2011
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a very trusting girl, who puts on a brave face just to face the world she might seem tough on the outside, but shes dying on the inside. She falls in love to easily, she loves her friends and family she would do anything for them. Lena is just an amazing girl.
Damn, that girl is so amazing i think shes a lena
by sexy hobo3 September 04, 2011
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