When things go pear-shaped. Hairstyles and trousers, for instance.
"That's a marky pair of pants that."
by Flipside June 25, 2004
frequently repeating the word "chibby chang" (i mean chimmy changa)
Carol: chibby chang chibby chang chibby chang chibby chang chibby chang chibby chang.

susan: stop markie-ing.. we're not in taco bell anymore tota?
by tadasha August 30, 2006
Verb. The act of taking a drink of some foul-tasting, usually very high-proof liquor without making any facial expressions that would indicate that it does in fact taste horrible. This is a reference to the fact the Mark Wahlberg often says extremely stupid shit with a very serious face.
Me- "Damn did you see that guy just marky-mark that shot of 151?!"

Brent- "That's one stern motherfucker."
by ShaneWood January 12, 2012
To place ones finger up ones own arse for pleasureable reasons!
"Hey guys i just couldn't get off properly today so i did a Marky Mark...sorted me right out!"
by Eddyg October 23, 2007
A half-bald headed trying-to-act-black wigger from the suburbs who tries to act ghetto.
by Rocker June 21, 2004
Marky Wu is a cat like entity inspired by Marcy Wu from Disney’s Amphibia Series. Created by @Bitchin on Twitter. It has a strange amount of lore and no one knows why. If you begin looking at memes of Marky, you will fall into an unescapable pit of despair and begin questioning all of your life choices. It also looks high for some reason.
Help! I started looking through Marky Wu memes, and now I’m questioning what my life has come to.
by Small Pog Person is So Pog November 23, 2021
Marcy Wu, from the Disney show Amphibia, but better

Is that an angel?
Nope, it’s just marky wu.
by CottonCandyHairedGodess December 11, 2021