MARKIS is a active boy who is really loyal (truthful and caring) and he loves sports often they will be short at first about about the age of 13 or 14 they will be a lot taller and they often have girls
by Carl Sonnet December 19, 2019
An amazing hot sexy girl~ Shes sweet and kinky~ She is ana amazing kisser and has the most adorable voice in the world. Shes amazing with other things too c;
by XAlchemyX June 27, 2013
To be very beautiful, have a great sense of humor but is a little crazy, which makes you love them even more. To be very ticklish and espesially on the booty. Hates people touching their toes.
Shes crazy but it makes me love her more.
She must be a Markie!
by Jackintheboxdude February 4, 2010
A stubborn, bull headed man who is great in bed. He's a "bad-boy". Markis isn't afraid to show someone who's boss
Markis is such a big guy
by fish out of water December 19, 2016
She Is So Beautiful, Hot,Sexy, Perfect. She Has A Cupcake Head Chunky Cheeks, She Has Some Anger Problem's But Hey Everyone Does But Her Fit Is Special In A Retarded Cute Way. I LOVE HER :* :*(Pull Away)<3
4/20/11 Are Anniversery Markie
by joshandmarkie June 26, 2011
A beautiful girl, usually blonde. Has the most sexiest eyes that will reel you into her soul. Very caring and sensitive individual. Has a mysterious way about her. She can get dramatic at times, but that's only because she is in touch with her emotions and everything she says comes right from the heart. Anyone would benefit to have her in their lives.
Guy: That girl is so beautiful, she looks like a cool person too!

Guy #2: Of course, her name is Markie!
by Kryptonite89 March 7, 2019
A loving caring strong Iindependent woman
I seen Markie at the store she is very sweet.
by BRI 93 December 19, 2016