A move named for stimulating a woman's vagina while riding an old wooden rollercoaster.
The term is derived from a scene in the movie Fear.
Jeff: So I was riding the rickety rollercoaster with my lady the other day and started playing with her vag.

Ryan: So you gave her the Wahlberg huh?
by CarPal October 27, 2013
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A mortal human's act that puts them near par to the great Mark Wahlberg. There can be many forms of these actions. (words do not draw a clear picture to the meaning actions speak much louder)
While playing Batlefield 2, you see an enemy out of the corner of your eye about 1 mile away while parachuting down and you quickly look into your scope and in a split second you you pull the trigger and watch as the steaming hot 50cal bullet coarses through the enemies body ripping everthing in sight. You then realize and truely understand the faith that is wahlbergism
by Wahlbergism follower July 06, 2010
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A racist, untalented piece of shit who committed violent hate crimes against multiple Vietnamese men and only decided to "apologize" for it three decades later in an attempt to get his felony record expunged so he could acquire a liquor license for his shitty restaurant.

If you want a true testament to how phony his apology was, just look at his work; virtually every movie and television show that he's involved with vilifies and mocks Asian people, particularly Asian men.

The mainstream media pushes the narrative that he's a "changed man," and all the lemmings believe it, but his projects show that he's the same hateful lowlife he always was.
If Mark Wahlberg gets hit by a bus, an angel will get its wings.
by Donald Scum November 13, 2018
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To define him is impossible but he is the defender of #bhlove an awesome husband to Jenny McCarthy loving father / step father ,brother son, and all around awesome human
It's a Donnie wahlberg thing you wouldn't understand .,🤗
by BhNoel March 28, 2018
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Verb: to become simultaneously angry and confused (such as the actor Mark Wahlberg)
A: Man, that guy's smashing up the place, he looks pretty confused about it all!
B: Shit, he's going Wahlberg.
by PeanutDuck April 27, 2011
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