Another name for the drug cocaine
let's score some chang
by Nathan J November 25, 2005
A feared admiral in the Chinese Navy. His best friends cautiously refer to him as "Mr." Also stated to be a fine golfer.
Mr. Chang unleashed his submarines at the flotilla commanded by the Commodore, while his thought turned to 5-irons to the pins at Palm Beach.
by chasethedoor January 7, 2014
"who got the chang?"
by L Fresh June 27, 2005
to smoke mad bowls with your friend(s) and get super highhhhh :).
person 1: "yooo wanna come over and chang with me?"
person 2: "yea i'm down."
by cheesesleezable February 19, 2011
used to describe one's "wang" or "penis and/or nutsack area"
Dylan: Hello sir, would you like to touch my chang?
Mike: No.
by chang_toucher14 January 18, 2011
Cheap or cheapskate: Used primarily in Hawaii as an adverb for someone who is cheap. Derived from the common Chinese name and the stereotype that Chinese people are cheap. Similar to the Jewish stereotype.
That guy stay so chang, he won't even super-size his girl's value meal. He just tells her, "you can have some of mine."
by RMFG April 1, 2006
a wang that has chlamydia
i was going to give himm head, but then i saw his chang, and was like...oh hell nawww
by Benthany April 15, 2008