Verb. To simultaneously chill and hang contiguously and amicably with one's compatriots in a manner which is no big deal.
What are you doing tonight?

I'm gonna chang out, eating chicken fingers with four time NBA All Star Chauncy Billups. No big deal.
by potron September 24, 2009
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An Asian name for an Asian person. Awesome at sports, not with the ladies, though most his friends are girls.
Usually very ganster and obsessed with Drake and Eminem.
Girl: Hey Chang!
Chang: Yo babe.
Chang: Oh Sh*t.
by xXLemonLimeXx May 12, 2010
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A short-lived (usually 3 days or less) stint at a place of employment or other obligation.
Did you hear about Dave? He pulled a Chang over at XYZCorp.
by Michael Wong June 05, 2007
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A feared admiral in the Chinese Navy. His best friends cautiously refer to him as "Mr." Also stated to be a fine golfer.
Mr. Chang unleashed his submarines at the flotilla commanded by the Commodore, while his thought turned to 5-irons to the pins at Palm Beach.
by chasethedoor January 07, 2014
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